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Summer is just around the corner and there's no better time to boost your TBR with our seven featured titles!

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In this 18th century frolic from Paris to Rome, a bisexual young lord learns to deal with his thoughtless actions while crushing on his best friend.

Read 13 Tales of Villainy in BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME

In this anthology, 13 authors team up with 13 BookTubers to expose the true intentions and feelings behind their deliciously evil characters.

The Lives of Three Young Women Intertwine in MIDNIGHT AT THE ELECTRIC

In this spellbinding book, author Jodi Lynn Anderson looks at three lives divided by time & space to show how love and determination can change one's fate.

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Action, adventure and romance are just some of the great genres you'll find in this month's Books to Add to Your Guy-Brary Bookshelf.

Features and Contests

July Teen Board Question
Summer is the season for blockbusters --- aka the movies that nearly everyone rushes out to see. While we love a good movie, the ones that really draw our attention are the ones based on books. Since we have movies on the brain, we asked our Teen Board members how they feel about seeing their favorite books brought to life on the big screen. Click here to find out whether or not they prefer to read the book first, which adaptations are their favorites and which ones they feel missed the mark.


Beach Bag of Books 2017
It's time to think about summer reading --- and we're not talking about the list of books you'll be receiving for Required Summer Reading from school. We're talking about the kinds of books that you're glad you now have time to kick back with and enjoy. The way we see it, it wouldn't be summer without sun, surf and great reading. You supply the beach chair, and we'll provide the fantastic fiction in our Eleventh Annual Beach Bag of Books Feature and Contest. Enter now through Monday, August 7th at noon ET for your chance to be one of five lucky readers who will win a copy of each of the featured books.

Latest Reviews

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell - Fantasy/Romance

Esta is a talented thief, and she's been raised to steal magical artifacts from the sinister Order that created the Brink, a dark energy barrier surrounding Manhattan. With her innate ability to manipulate time, Esta can pilfer from the past, collecting artifacts before the Order even realizes she’s there. And all of Esta’s training has been for one final job: traveling back to 1902 to steal an ancient book containing the secrets of the Order before the Magician can destroy it and doom all with magic to a hopeless future. But in Old New York, nothing is as it seems, including the Magician himself.

Quinn is having a rough summer. Her beloved grandmother has been put into a nursing home, her dad’s gambling addiction has flared back up and now her worst enemy is back in town: Wesley James, former childhood friend and life ruiner. So when Wesley is hired to work with her at Tudor Tymes, he last thing Quinn’s going to do is forgive and forget. She’s determined to remove him from her life and even the score for once and for all --- by getting him fired. But getting rid of Wesley isn’t as easy as she’d hoped.

Per her 537 rules, Harper Campbell keeps her life tidy. But the moment Sterling Lane transfers into her tiny boarding school, her twin brother gets swept up in Sterling’s pranks and schemes and nearly gets expelled. As she breaks rule after precious rule in her battle of wits against Sterling and tension between them hits a boiling point, she’s horrified to discover that perhaps the two of them aren’t so different. Teaming up with Sterling to save her brother might be the only way to keep from breaking the most important rule --- protecting Cole.

Prince Alexander of Macedon's mind has been touched by an incomprehensible evil, even as his betrothed travels from afar to unite their kingdoms against a terrible darkness that threatens both realms: the Spirit Eaters.  From the distant shores of Illyria to a small deserted island, the deadly consequences of Smoke Blood magic loom and lost civilizations emerge to reveal the existence of a weapon that may do the impossible --- kill the last living god.
Under the Lights by Abbi Glines - Contemporary Fiction

Willa can’t erase the bad decisions of her past that led her down the path she’s on now. High school quarterback and town golden boy Brady used to be the best of friends with Willa --- she even had a crush on him when they were kids. But that’s all changed now. Gunner used to be friends with Willa and Brady, too. He too is larger than life and a high school football star who loves his life and doesn’t care about anyone except himself...and Willa. As secrets come to light and hearts are broken, these former childhood friends must face the truth about growing up and falling in love…even if it means losing each other forever.

Dragon hatchling Ember Hill was never prepared to find love at all --- dragons do not suffer human emotions --- let alone with a human, and a former dragonslayer at that. With ex-soldier of St. George Garret dying at her feet after sacrificing his freedom and his life to expose the deepest of betrayals, Ember knows only that nothing she was taught by dragon organization Talon is true. About humans, about rogue dragons, about herself and what she's capable of doing and feeling.

Mira is a war refugee, cast out of her home country and thrust into another, where she has learned to fight against the many injustices around her in the Glittering Court.  Mira plans to earn off her marriage contract price, and finally be free. She pitches herself as an asset to one of the passengers on board the ship: the sardonic and aloof Grant Elliot, whom she’s discovered is a spy for the prestigious McGraw Agency. His cover blown, Grant has little choice but to take her on. Neither of them can ignore the attraction burning between them --- an attraction so powerful, it threatens to unravel everything Mira’s worked so hard for. With freedom finally within her grasp, can Mira risk it all for love?

Julia and a mismatched band of revolutionaries, scholars and thieves have crossed the world searching for a witch. They are no closer to finding Ko Dan. No closer to undoing the terrible spell he cast that bound an ancient magic to the life of a small child. Casimir wants that magic, and every moment they hunt for Ko Dan, Casimir’s assassins are hunting them. Julia can deal with danger. Her strange ability to vanish to a place just out of sight has grown: she can now disappear so completely that it’s like stepping into another world. It’s a fiery, hellish world, filled with creatures who seem to recognize her --- and count her as one of their own.

Mallory hasn't left the house in 67 days --- since the day her dad left. She attends her classes via webcam, rarely leaves her room (much to her brother's chagrin) and spends most of her time watching "The X-Files" or chatting with the always obnoxious BeamMeUp on New Mexico's premier alien message board. But when she's shockingly nominated for homecoming queen, her life takes a surprising turn.

The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault - Mystery/Thriller

Marnie Wells knows that she creeps people out. So no one even bats an eye when Marnie finds an old book about reading tea leaves and starts telling fortunes. Then basketball star Matt Cotrell asks for a reading. He’s been getting emails from someone claiming to be his best friend, Andrea Quinley, who disappeared and is presumed dead. And then, the readings seem real. And, despite the fact that they’re telling Marnie things about Matt that make him seem increasingly dangerous, she can’t shake her initial attraction to him. In fact, it’s getting stronger. And that could turn out to be deadly.

Changes in Latitudes by Jen Malone - Contemporary Fiction

After concluding that her mother is to blame for her parents’ recent divorce, Cassandra McClure is hoping to stay as far away from her as possible. But when her mom announces that Cassie and her brother will be accompanying her on a four-month sailing trip down to Mexico, Cassie’s plans for the summer go overboard. Thankfully, she meets Jonah, a gorgeous, whip-smart deckhand, though she tries to keep him at a distance. With life's unpredictable tides working against her, Cassie must decide whether to swim against them...or dive right in.

After surviving the battle that erupted after Lo and the Bosha clan attacked, now Mya is looking ahead to her future with Kol. All the things that once felt so uncertain to her are finally falling into place. But the same night as Kol and Mya’s betrothal announcement, Mya’s brother Chev reveals his plan to marry their youngest sister, Lees, to his friend Morsk. The only way to avoid this terrible turn of events, Morsk informs Mya when he corners her later, is for Mya to take Lees’ place and marry him herself.