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Twenty Books told with Charts, Images, Diary Entries, Texts and More!

Sick of the same old book format? These 20 reads will add plenty of variety.

Get in the Halloween Spirit with This Eerie Contest!

These spooky reads will go perfectly with your candy bars...enter the contest, today!

A Riveting Novel of Love, Segregation and Disaster Set in 1937, Texas

"It feels like as soon as you open the dustjacket, you're immediately catapulted into a world just as layered and diverse as our own." 

Every Day Authors and Teen Board Members Talk Banned Books

In this post, Amber Keyser, Asia H. and Levi V. talk THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.

Mermaids, Tightrope Walkers, and a Young Love That Breaks Boundaries

This debut novel is written like a "Bob Dylan song, using only the finest words...and plucking the most fragile heartstrings."

Best Homework Break Ever

Whether you want to relax and color, build some awesome bike accessories or Washi Tape your phone case, these books are all you need to start getting crafty!

Features and Contests

UnBan a Book Week

Banned Books Week 2015 (September 27 - October 3) is focusing on YA Books this year, and we couldn't be more excited to help celebrate some of the truly amazing stories that have been banned across the country. Every day from Thursday, September 17th through Friday, October 9th, we'll focus on a different frequently banned YA book, and have a YA author and one or two Teen Board members answer questions about why it was so meaningful to them. Click here to see the entries so far, and be sure to check out these books, yourself!

National Book Award for Young People's Literature Long List

Click here to see the titles on the long list for one of the most prestigious literature awards in the country! How many have you read?

October Teen Board Question

To trick or to treat --- that is the question! Now that Halloween is just around the bend, we wanted to know: if our Teen Board members could either play a (friendly!) prank on a YA character OR give them a tasty treat, what would they do and who would be recipient of your holiday spirit? Click here to see their answers!

Cool & New

Our October roundup includes ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and THE ROSE SOCIETY, the second book in Marie Lu's Young Elites series.

Side by Side


Read our Snow White Side by Side, featuring Alex Flinn (MIRRORED) and Donna Jo Napoli (DARK SHIMMER).

Latest Reviews

Reimagining the Greek myth of the notorious half man, half beast, this book tells the tale of Asterion the Minotaur as he describes his boyhood in Crete under the cruel hand of his stepfather Minos, adventures with his friend, Theseus, a growing love for the beautiful Phaedra, and what really happened in the labyrinth.

X-Men meets Heroes when New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld teams up with award-winning authors Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti to create a sizzling new series filled with action and adventure. Don’t call them heroes. But these six Californian teens have powers that set them apart.

When 16 year-old Amanda Verner's family decides to move from their small mountain cabin to the vast prairie, she hopes it is her chance for a fresh start. She can leave behind the memory of the past winter; of her sickly ma giving birth to a baby sister who cries endlessly; of the terrifying visions she saw as her sanity began to slip, the victim of cabin fever; and most of all, the memories of the boy she has been secretly meeting with as a distraction from her pain. The boy whose baby she now carries. 

Perdita by Faith Gardner - Fiction

Sure, Arielle won't deny that she has a vivid, even wild, imagination. Sure, it sometimes runs away with her. And yes, it's true that she never recovered from the drowning death of her older brother, Justin, ten years ago, when Arielle was a little child. She almost hopes that ghosts are real, so that she might see Justin again. But ever since the misty morning when Arielle stumbles on the macabre sight of the body of her sister Casey's best friend, Perdita, being lifted from a nearby pond, ghostly images begin to appear to Arielle. 

Arden stumbles upon a website called Tonight the Streets Are Ours, the musings of a young New York City writer named Peter, who gives voice to feelings that Arden has never known how to express. He seems to get her in a way that no one else does, and he hasn't even met her. Until Arden sets out on a road trip to find him.

May Malone is said to have a monster in her house, but what Norman finds there may just be the angel he needs. Joe Quinn’s house is noisy with poltergeists, or could it be Davie’s raging causing the disturbance? Fragile Annie learns the truth about herself in a photograph taken by a traveling man near the sea. Set in the northern English Tyneside country of the author’s childhood, these eight short stories by the incomparable David Almond evoke gritty realities and ineffable longings, experiences both ordinary and magical. In autobiographical preludes to each story, the writer shows how all things can be turned into tales, reflecting on a time of wonder, tenderness and joy.

A convict with a thirst for revenge. A sharpshooter who can't walk away from a wager. A runaway with a privileged past. A spy known as the Wraith. A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums. A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. 

In September 1941, Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht surrounded Leningrad in what was to become one of the longest and most destructive sieges in Western history --- almost three years of bombardment and starvation that culminated in the harsh winter of 1943–1944. Trapped between the Nazi invading force and the Soviet government itself was composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who would write a symphony that roused, rallied, eulogized and commemorated his fellow citizens --- the Leningrad Symphony, which came to occupy a surprising place of prominence in the eventual Allied victory.

The Sleeper and the Spindle written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell - Fairy Tale

In this captivating and darkly funny tale, Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell have twisted together the familiar and the new, as well as the beautiful and the wicked, to tell a brilliant version of Snow White's (sort of) and Sleeping Beauty's (almost) stories. This story was originally published (without illustrations) in RAGS & BONES. This is the first time it is being published as an illustrated, stand-alone edition, and the book is a beautiful work of art.

The Fall by James Preller - Fiction

As Sam explores the events leading up to the tragedy, he must face a difficult and life-changing question: Why did he keep his friendship with Morgan a secret? And could he have done something-anything-to prevent her final actions?