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Archive - Teen Board Monthly Question

What Makes the Teen Board LOLWR (Laugh Out Loud While Reading)

The month of April starts off with April Fool’s Day, a day of jokes, pranks and other hilarious hijinks. What’s the funniest book you’ve ever read, and what about it made you laugh? (Also, full credit to Teen Board member Emily P., who used the term LOLWR in her answer. I think we should all start using it as much as possible).

Taking the Scenic Route with the Teen Board

Spring is coming, and (hopefully) bringing with it some beautiful scenery. Setting is important in books too; so many are filled with breathtaking mountains, grand worlds and overall unforgettable imagery. We asked our Teen Board members, “If you could visit one specific place from a book, where would you go and why?” See their answers below! Do you agree?