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Keva Marie


Keva Marie

Clea and Keva are creative wonderwomen!

Keva is creator and designer extraordinaire of the infamous Poot! line of clothing. She also created the "Jump on Style" page for teen magazine Jump! and worked as an Art Director at the Lambesis Agency (home of the L–Report) where she created print and web campaigns for Bebe, Fetish, Love’s Baby Soft and countless other national girl–centric campaigns.

Clea came to the project as a teen–junk–store–owner and Super Clea and Keva Marie, having written for magazines such asDetails, Transworld’s Warp, Option and countless other newspapers.

Together, Clea and Keva busted traditions and expectations and went on to create two zines (Sweetie and Phoebe) for mega–mall store Wet Seal, and they also created the award-winning (the first girl web site, ever) with the companion magazine FOXY!. They consulted on the creation of magalogMoxie Girl (now MXG) where Clea had a regular column. Clea also created numerous websites on her own, including the original and award–winning Urban Decay site.

Clea and Keva are urrently working on a follow–up to HEY DAY!, and Clea is working with HarperCollins and 17th Street Productions on a series of YA fiction titles under the series name Goddesses, which is scheduled to published in Winter 2002.

Keva Marie

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