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Kim Purcell


Kim Purcell

Kim Purcell grew up in a small town. It wasn't right for her, so she got out. She went to university, got married and moved to LA. She wrote two novels before TRAFFICKED. She had two kids, and they all moved to New York, which she loves. In her spare time, she's a swimmer and a runner and a yogi. She dances in elevators and changes rooms. She laughs a lot and sometimes she yells.

Kim Purcell

Books by Kim Purcell

by Kim Purcell - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

One week. That's all Jessie said. A one-week break to get some perspective before graduation, before she and her boyfriend, Chris, would have to make all the big, scary decisions about their future --- decisions they had been fighting about for weeks. Then, Chris vanishes. Every Friday since they started dating, Chris has written Jessie a love letter. Now Jessie is writing Chris a letter of her own to tell him everything that's happening while he's gone. As Jessie searches for answers, she must face her fears, her guilt, and a past more complicated than she would like to admit.

by Kim Purcell - Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

Hannah believes she's being brought from Moldova to Los Angeles to become a nanny for a Russian family. But her American dream quickly spirals into a nightmare, as she must find a way to save herself from her new status as a modern-day slave or risk losing the one thing she has left: her life.