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Lauren McLaughlin


Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin grew up in the small town of Wenham, Massachusetts. After college and a brief stint in graduate school, she spent 10 “unglamorous” years writing and producing movies before abandoning her screen ambitions to write fiction full-time. Though she fondly remembers much of her time in Massachusetts --- the marina, the beach, various teenage escapades --- she cannot, for the life of her, remember her SAT scores, her GPA or any of the numbers that once summed her up.

Lauren McLaughlin

Books by Lauren McLaughlin

by Lauren McLaughlin - Family, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult 14+, Youth Fiction

In the beginning, Isaac West stole to give his younger sister, Janelle, little things: a new sweater, a scarf, just things that made her look less like a charity case whose mother spent money on booze and more like the prep school girls he’s seen on the way to school. But when his biggest job to date, a carjacking, goes wrong, Isaac chooses to take the full rap himself, and he’s cut off from helping Janelle. He steels himself for 30 days at Haverland Juvenile Detention Facility. Friendless in a dangerous world of gangs and violent offenders, he must watch his every step.

by Lauren McLaughlin - Dystopian, Fiction, Futuristic, Young Adult 12+

Forget everything important in life. All that matters is the score. A high score means the college and job of your choice. A low score means a tough life ahead of you. For Imani, the score means having to choose between friendship and questioning everything she’s ever known.