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Robyn Schneider


Robyn Schneider

Robyn Schneider is a writer, actor, and online personality. She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she studied creative writing, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where she studied medical ethics. She lives in Los Angeles, California, but also on the internet.

Books by Robyn Schneider

by Robyn Schneider - Fiction, Romance

At seventeen, Lane finds himself at Latham House, a sanatorium for teens suffering from an incurable strain of tuberculosis. Part hospital and part boarding school, Latham is a place of endless rules and confusing rituals, where it's easier to fail breakfast than it is to flunk French. There Lane encounters a girl he knew years ago. Instead of the shy loner he remembers, Sadie has become sarcastic, fearless and utterly compelling. Her friends, a group of eccentric troublemakers, fascinate Lane, who has never broken any rules his whole life. And as he gradually becomes one of them, Sadie shows him how to steal internet, sneak into town and how to disable the med sensors they must wear at all times. But there are consequences to having secrets, particularly at Latham House. And as Lane and Sadie begin to fall in love and their group begins to fall sicker, their world threatens to come crashing down.

by Robyn Schneider - Young Adult 13+

Varsity Tennis captain Ezra Faulkner was supposed to be homecoming king, but that was before --- before his girlfriend cheated on him, before a car accident shattered his leg, and before he fell in love with unpredictable new girl Cassidy Thorpe.