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June 30, 2010

Lee Nichols: Ten Random Things About Me

Posted by Marisa Emralino

LeeNichols_cropped.jpgDeceptionRGB.jpgWith five adult novels already under her belt, author Lee Nichols recentlly tried her hand at YA fiction with the publication of DECEPTION, the first installment in the Haunting Emma series, which hit stores earlier this month. Get acquainted with Lee below, where she shares some random tidbits about herself, including Facebook addictions, superstitious beliefs, preferred caffeine-to-sugar ratio, and more.

1) My personality is composed of two parts caffeine and one part sugar. Without them, I am nothing.

2) If you ever want to make me happy, bring me peonies, roses or orchids. On a tray with my dessert.

3) When someone told me their nephew was named Bennett, I thought it sounded a little pretentious. I ended up using it in the Haunting Emma series and now I love the name.

4) I gave Natalie that name because I never liked it much (no offense to anyone named Natalie). But she ended up being one of my favorite characters in the series.

5) I have vicious hay fever, but live in house that overlooks a field of hay. It's worth the three weeks of misery, because the rest of summer is gorgeous. Full of deer, birds, lightning bugs, wildflowers, and tall grass swaying in the breeze. Plus the dogs like romping through it.

6) I'm superstitious about what we name our cats and dogs. Their names must end with an 'ee' sound (i.e. Penny, Rudy, Toby, Sophie, Georgie). Twice we haven't done this and both animals died within months of our adopting them. R.I.P. Cowboy and Muffin Man Head.

7) When I was 12, I wrote a story called "The Great Diamond Caper."

8) I'm addicted to playing Lexulous with my family on Facebook.

9) The only news I read is gossip blogs and the New Yorker.

10) The best thing that ever happened to me is my husband. And he's the reason I have the two other things I love, my son and my writing career.

-- Lee Nichols