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April 10, 2013

Teen Board Check-in #8: YALSA 2013 Hub Challenge

Six of our Teen Board have agreed to participate in the YALSA 2013 Hub Challenge, which started on February 3rd and will end June 22nd. In order to complete the challenge, each member must read 25 books each (those who want to “conquer” the challenge must read all 83!) and participate in the weekly Saturday update on YALSA. In addition, our Teen Board members will check in every Wednesday to let you all know how they are doing. Sign up for the challenge and follow along!

In this seventh check-in, a few of our Teen Board members update us on which books they've read in the past week.

Ailiyah A.: So this week, I have decided to try and finish the Protector of the Small series, by Tamora Pierce. I am halfway through the first and waiting for the last three. I really enjoy this author's writing. (12 Books read.)

Alonzo D.: I wanted to inform you on the challange. I am currently reading PURE by Juliana Baggott. That is it. (13 books read.)

Priya is leading with 19 books read! She's six away from completing the challenge!


If you're also doing the YALSA Hub Challenge, how are you doing? Are you close to completing it?