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April 15, 2013

Teen Board: The Starbucks Incident

Math Team meets with my team are always exciting, but I don’t think anyone was expecting what happened in Charleston, SC when the team went to a competition this February.

We had just finished our written exams, and our teacher gave us the freedom to walk around the shops for a little while. We ate burgers, window-shopped a bit and just spent time with our teammates. I decided to stick with a group of my friends. Katie, Aidan, Perry Lynn and I walked under the awnings, trying our best not to get soaked. Because it was raining, windy and frigid, we all gravitated towards Starbucks to get something warm in our stomachs. We walked into the little shop and were instantly warm. As we were waiting in line, Aidan started joking about giving a false name when the cashier asked for one. We dismissed his joking quickly, but when we got to the register and ordered, the cashier started to ask for names.

Aidan spoke up first, “Voldemort.” At first I was embarrassed, but Aidan was cracking up.

The cashier grinned a little and said, “How do you spell that?”

Her coworker snatched the cup out of the girl’s hand and sighed, clearly irritated. The rest of us gave our real names and waited. We were still laughing at Aidan when we heard someone yell, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!” Aidan ran over and got his cup. The barista had crossed out "Voldemort" and replaced it with "He-Who-Must-Not-Be Named." We were all really happy, and the barista was grinning, too. Our teacher immediately took a picture and sent it to her friends. It was a really cool experience and we all felt nerdy together.

Later, our teacher told us that it is a trend to use the alias, Primrose Everdeen, at Starbucks. When your order is ready and they call for Primrose Everdeen, you shout, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” I can’t wait to try it!

Do you ever give fake names at Starbucks or at any other store? Are they ever literary?