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June 3, 2013

Teen Board: Meeting Authors

By Kate F.

Back in February, my parents surprised my siblings and me with a trip to meet two authors. Those authors were Victoria Schwab, author of THE ARCHIVED (which I strongly recommend) and Ally Carter, author of The Gallagher Girls and The Heist Society series (which I also recommend.) If you ever have a chance to go meet an author, whether you’ve read one of their novels or not, GO. You get to meet with people your age, who love the same books as you. Also, you get to meet the people who wrote the stories you love. It’s a great experience, and one that every book lover should have.

Just a little info on what happened at the meeting I went to. The signing I attended had the authors’ books for sale there. If you’re not sure whether the signing you’re going to be attending will be selling the authors’ novels, or just want to be safe, feel free to bring your own! The author will sign it no matter what. Then, the authors came in. They chatted a little about their books, then took some questions.

Advice: show some moxie! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The girl who asked the first question got to go to the front of the signing line because she was the first to ask one. After the talk, which was amazing, the authors’ began to sign books.

Warning: the line will probably be LONG. Be prepared in case you’re in for a long wait, or start up a conversation with the person next to you. Finally, you’ll get to meet the authors. Be aware that they have a lot of people’s books to sign. They’ll be friendly, but keep in mind that your signing will have to be short. It’s a good idea to get a picture while you’re at it. Most of the time, the authors will be happy to agree.

There you have it! Meeting authors can be an amazing experience. I know for me it was. If you’re to nervous to go alone, ask a friend or parent if they’d like to join you. Don’t be nervous although! Chances are, the authors are just as nervous (if not more so) as you.


Have you been to an author signing? Who did you meet???