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March 4, 2014

Cover Story: Comparing Foreign Covers

Books are published in many different countries and languages, and with those changes come cover changes, too.  Some  countries only change the title to a different language, while other countries change the covers drastically, making the book look unrecongnizable. I decided to take a look at different books and see how different countries changed the covers. See my comparisons, below!



THE HUNGER GAMES BY SUZANNE COLLINS (US cover on left, UK cover on right)


The US Cover of THE HUNGER GAMES is something that we all are aware of. It’s not the fanciest of covers, but it still catches the eye with the yellow mockingjay pin among all the black. Contrary to that, we have the UK cover of THE HUNGER GAMES. I’m not really a fan of the drastic change that goes on ---it reminds me of robots and murder while the book tells us that there really is no technology anywhere except for the Capitol. While still eye-catching, it gives the wrong idea of what the book is about.


THE FAULT IN OUR STARS BY JOHN GREEN (US cover on left, Australian cover on right)



 The US Cover and the Australian cover aren’t that different. For the most part, they just changed up a couple of colors. I can’t really say which I like better. While the US cover is a bit more eye-catching with the light blue background, I feel that the Australian cover portrays the book’s “light in total darkness” theme with the blue and white clouds on top of the black. I don’t  think I could choose one or the other.





As much as I love Harry Potter, I’m not too big a fan of the US cover. However, I have to say I’d take it any day over the UK cover, which looks very “non-fictiony.”  The US cover looks very childish, but the UK cover just looks bland and doesn’t really catch the eye. All in all, I’d have to give the UK cover two thumbs down.



CINDER BY MARISSA MEYER (US cover on left, Portuguese cover on right)       


I am a big fan of Marissa Meyer and when I saw the Portuguese cover of CINDER I swooned. As much as I love the US cover, I have to say that I have fallen in love with the Portuguese cover. It definitely shows more of the fairytale side of CINDER but lacks the cyborg side to the story, where the US focuses more on the cyborg side and not much on the fairytale side. I personally think that both covers represent the book very well and it would be a challenge for me to pick one.

Harman K. is a member of the Teen Board.