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June 16, 2014

How to Start a Book Club


What do you do if your school or local library or bookstore doesn't run a book club? Start your own, of course! Teen Board member Alonzo D. gives some great advice on how to do so, all while channeling some of your favorite literary characters!

My story starts with two books that I found to be intriguing and amazing --- BRAVE NEW WORLD By Aldous Huxley and DIVERGENT By Veronica Roth.  I enjoyed these books so much that I wanted to talk with other people about it.  So I had an idea: join a book club. 

I took for granted that all schools have book clubs, but my new school didn’t have one.  I was sad to hear this, so I thought to myself, “What can I do to fix this?”  And I found a solution. 

I found a teacher who was willing to help with the club.  That meant she would help with publicity, meetings and fundraising.  Sadly, she got caught up in other projects, but my determination did not cease. 

I started to take initiative in building this club.  I found people who had the passion for reading that I have.  We made posters, found ways to raise money, and started to set meeting dates.  After a bunch of colored Sharpies and burnt cookies, we had a decent club. 

As I said in the beginning, my story started with BRAVE NEW WORLD and DIVERGENT, and when starting my book club, I could relate to the main characters in each --- Bernard and Tris. They were considered different in their societies, and at times got treated differently because of it.  True, I did not get famous for bringing back John the Savage or get persecuted for being Divergent, but like Bernard and Tris, I tried to do something important. Most of my schoolmates lost sight of the value of literature.  There are a few left that can see it, and for that there is a book club now. 


And for those of you who want to start their own book club, here is some advice:

1)      Be like Tris from the Divergent series ---  Tris was different and willing to against the norm, and you should be brave and different, too. If no one is willing to join you, stand by yourself; you will find others like you to join your cause (In Tris’s case it was to save the world; yours will be to have books talked about and read in a club). 

2)      Be like Bernard from A BRAVE NEW WORLD --- This one is very simple. You must be clever in everything you do, from choosing what books to read to getting a place to have a meeting. Bernard was very clever when he saw the chance to bring back John the Savage to gain fame and fortune.

3)      Be yourself --- Do I need to explain this one? I will anyway. Read the books that you want. Be yourself around others. Remember you are all there for the book.  Most of all, have fun. A book club is a great way to make new friends and learn new things about books. 

Alonzo D. is a member of the Teen Board