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February 10, 2015

Literary Lovers - The Best of the Best for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I thought it be best to talk about how much love there is in YA novels. Whether it is paranormal, contemporary or even dystopian, there is never a lack of romance in the YA world!

But what makes a good romance? In my opinion, it's passion, a balance between angst and humor, fluff (in moderation, of course) and one epic kissing scene. And what stories encompass all of these wonderful necessities? I’m here to give you what I think is the best of the best when it comes to YA romance.

Best Kissing Scene: America and Prince Maxon in THE SELECTION

The moment when America and Maxon share their first kiss is absolutely precious. The fact that it was also Maxon'a first kiss made my heart so warm and my stomach fill with butterflies for him. Despite the fact they "messed up" their first kiss, the one the followed was so sweet and tender.  This kiss really set the tone for their relationship showing how excited and afraid they were when around each other. In that moment, you could tell that Maxon and America truly loved each other even if they didn't know it just yet. 


From the moment Oliver grabbed Hadley’s suitcase in the JFK airport, sparks were ignited. Shy American girl meets charming British boy. They share tidbits of their lives in the close cabin of the airplane, with lingering touches here and there. Oliver and Hadley embody the idea of fate and had readers tripping over their feet with excitement over their sweet love story.  


Best Author: Stephanie Perkins

Stephanie Perkins is without a doubt the best YA romance author. From her  Anna and the French Kiss series to her short story in MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME, Perkins captures love beautifully with just the right amount of fluff. It is impossible to not fall in love with her stories with each read. She makes readers squeal and kick their feet in happiness. I look forward to all Stephanie Perkins writes in the future!


Most Heart Wrenching Romance: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

If a person says they didn’t shed at least one tear reading this John Green book, they are definitely lying. The love story between Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster builds you up to a state of happiness before breaking you down into tears. TFIOS is a novel that definitely explores true love in the face of life-threatening obstacles. This novel squeezed my heart over and over again, made me cry a countless number of times, and left me knowing that there is love in death.


All Time Feel Good Romance: ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS

Paris and a boy with an English accent --- that’s all it took to get me hooked on ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. This book is like the go-to chick flick you watch with your friends at a sleepover, but a thousand times better! It’ll make you laugh until you have abs, cry until you run out of tissues and squeal so hard that you have to cover your face with a pillow. The relationship between Anna and St. Clair was so lovely, it is impossible not to smile reading their story. Stephanie Perkins does an amazing job weaving Anna’s shy yet sarcastic demeanor and St. Clair’s charming yet humble behavior into one lovable relationship. Anna and St. Clair became AnnaandSt.Clair. It’s not just a romance story, it’s a story about friendship and making the best out of a not-so-great situation. It’s a story you go back to read over and over again, and you still, somehow, are able to fall even more in love with the characters, the setting and the plot. I can honestly say ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is one of the most beautiful stories written and it is definitely one of my favorites.


If you don’t have any plans for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I suggest you curl up in your bed with some tea, chocolate, and one of these novels and fall in love with each page. Happy Valentine’s Day!