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February 12, 2015

Literary Crushes --- From Reviewers and Teen Board Members

Posted by Shara

Love is in the air in the month of February, and even if you can't find a worthy crush in the real-world, there are plenty in the literary world! Whether an endearing character or an impressive author, our reviewers --- both adults and teens --- divulge who they'd like to spend Valentine's Day, with.


Who's Your Biggest Literary Crush?

Tobias/Four from the Divergent Series. I think it's his unwavering protectiveness and faith in Tris that makes him swoon worthy (and the fact that he's played by Theo James in the movies can't hurt!). --- Brianna Robinson

My biggest literary crush, I think, would have to be Chaol from the Throne of Glass series. He has a rough persona but he's not a jerk. He is really loyal to who he loves, but he's also loyal to his friends. He wants to do what is right. He's a true sweetheart and he loves fiercely. --- Christa O., Teen Board member

This one is easy --- Neil Gaiman!  Naturally he’s nice to look at and delightful to listen to and foremost, what an imagination!  CORALINE, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE, AMERICAN GODS  and STARDUST are among the few that just wow me!  He has successfully collaborated with other great fantasy writers like Terry Prattchet and has edited numerous fantasy/science fiction/horror compliations.  This author writes across the generations: children, teens and adults.  He brings the fairytale into other levels so everyone can enjoy and marvel. He’s received any number of prestigious  writer’s awards. The great Sandman graphic novel series set his career and a huge fan base going.  He’s a humanitarian and a supporter of libraries…sigh…it’s just all good. --- Sally Tibbetts

One of my biggest literary crushes is Elliot from the Colours of Madeleine series by Jaclyn Moriarty. Though he is described as a heartthrob in the world he lives in, Elliot is much more than that --- he's compassionate, brave and smart.--- Cassandra H., Teen Board member

Crushes on imaginary characters are literally my life. I find myself falling for characters that only exist in ink and paper on a regular basis. But I just can't help it because they're so perfect. Not perfect in the sense that they have no flaws, but perfect in the sense that despite their flaws, they understand you and that imperfect-ness makes them perfect (I humbly accept the award for writing the cheesiest sentence ever known to mankind). Perhaps the character I have the most feelings for is Magnus Bane [from The Mortal Instruments series] (although that will never happen in a million billion years for obvious reasons). Magnus is the definition of perfection. Funny, sarcastic but with a touch of vulnerability that gives him a mysterious sense, making him even more attractive. And Godfrey Gao. Holy pop rocks on a cracker. Best. Cast. Decision. Ever. Everything about Magnus is absolutely amazing and I would not be opposed at all if he decided to marry me one day or even right now. #foreverwaiting4MagnusBane --- Pranshu A., Teen Board member

My biggest literary crush is Four from the Divergent series, because not only is he tough but he also has a sensitive side. Plus it always helps that Theo James plays him in the movie! --- Kate F.,Teen Board member

Mine would be Hazel Grace [from THE FAULT IN OUR STARS]. Shes an amazing person! I love her spirit! --- Trevor P., Teen Board member

Definitely Mr. Darcy from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I like a lot of various literary boys, but no matter what, Mr. Darcy always winds up on the list. His sarcasm and personality is ever so charming and honestly, if he loved me "against his better judgement," I'd be honored. Offended, but honored. --- Sydney L., Teen Board member

My biggest literary crush is Tobias Eaton of the Divergent series. He is described as a strong, handsome character, and his relationship with Tris is so perfect! --- Katie N., Teen Board member

My biggest literary crush is Charlie from THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER by far.  This character touched me so deeply and was so real in my world that I believed everything he said as if the things that happened to him were real.  When I read the book, and even talking about it now, he was my friend and will always be dear in my heart. --- Maya B, Teen Board member.

My biggest literary crush would have to be Ariel from the book series Eyes Like Stars. His personality was perfect as well as the description of his looks. --- Maggie L., Teen Board member
My biggest literary crush would have Maxon (sorry, Daemon) from The Selection series by Kiera Cass. What's not to love about him? He's a prince, he's extremely kind and he actually cares about his people, not just about his image. There is also the perk of his being extremely good-looking! --- Harman K., Teen Board member
My literary crush is Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games. I love that he's humble yet confident. His vibrant personality never fails to put a smile on my face! --- Katherina T., Teen Board member
My biggest literary crush is Neil Gaiman. I adore his writing and how diverse it is --- he writes for kids and adults, in a variety of styles and his stories are always strange, lovely and compelling. He seems like a cool guy, too. --- Sarah Rachel Egelman
Prince Jonathan from the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. Smoldering good looks, a sense of justice and heir to a throne! --- Carly Siilver
My biggest literary crush is Reynard Muldoon from THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY. Not only is Reynie smart and thoughtful, but he is also an extremely mind character. Throughout the series, Reynie is always doing whatever he can to help his friends and make the world a better place. --- Aliza M., Teen Board member
If I had to marry a literary figure, I'd probably go with Edward Bellamy. Though the two novels of his I've read --- DR. HEIDENHOFF'S PROCESS and MISS LUDINGTON'S SISTER --- were pleasantly unremarkable, the life philosophy expressed in his booksMy  literary crush would have to be Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments. He definitely is protective, and knows how to keep one safe!("as it is only fools who flatter themselves on their past virtues, it is only a sadder sort of fools who plague themselves for their past faults") reminds to live each day the best I can, but not beat myself up over that test I bombed a week ago. While remorse serves its purpose, Bellamy's optimistic, forgiving outlook on morality counterbalances most classic books' fixation on guilt (cough cough *FRANKENSTEIN* cough cough). As cheery as his life philosophy is, he was also an advocate for women's rights --- what more could a girl want? --- Alison S., Teen Board member
Holden Calfield [from THE CATCHER IN THE RYE]! I'm a sucker for a loner with a cutting vocabulary. --- Abbe Wright
My literary crush would be Scott Hudson from SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LIE. Throughout the book Scott stays true to himself, even though there's a lot of change in his life. He's also a big reader, which is very cool! --- Cheyenne C., Teen Board member
My biggest literary crush is John Green! I absolutely adore all of his books and the positive energy they give off. --- Rachel D., Teen Board member
My biggest literary crush would have to be Rudy Steiner. He's this adorable, persistent, annoying boy who genuinely loves and cares and doesn't give up. A little bit of my heart might or might not melt every time I think of how amazing he is... with Liesel. Because --- plot twist! --- he's in love with Liesel Meminger (of THE BOOK THIEF, if for some unfathomable reason you have not yet read this jewel of books), and I wouldn't want to break that beautiful match up. Ever. Sniff, sniff. --- Mary M., Teen Board member
My  literary crush would have to be Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments. He definitely is protective, and knows how to keep one safe! --- Aspen R., Teen Board member