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May 21, 2015

Prom Memory --- Guest Post by Meredith Zeitlin


One of the most epic prom images is the "staircase descent." You've seen it in the movies --- a girl comes to the top of the stairs in a beautiful dress and slowly walks towards her date, as he looks on in awe (and obviously a great night and true love and rainbows and puppies follow). In real life though, the "staircase descent" isn't always so graceful --- read SOPHOMORE YEAR IS GREEK TO ME author Meredith Zeitlin's prom memory below, to see what we mean!

Prom night. I stood at the top of the spiral staircase, ready to make my grand entrance. I was wearing my perfect dress and my date was waiting below in his perfect tux, clutching a perfect corsage. I had debated about my shoes at the last minute – strappy sandals with a three-inch heel or sparkly platform Jellies? (It was the '90s. Gimme a break.) The heels seemed more perfect, so on they went. I took a deep breath and a dainty step, and then another.

And then my heel broke. It snapped clean off. Instead of descending elegantly as planned, I lurched, screamed and then tumbled all the way down and landed at my date's feet. Mortification is a mere fraction of what I felt as I yanked my gown back to where it belonged, praying for time to stop so I could figure out what to do. What could I do???

I laughed. I laughed so I wouldn't cry, and soon I was laughing for real, and then he was, too. I went back upstairs and put on the sparkly jellies.

They were more comfortable for dancing anyway.