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October 5, 2015

Twilight Celebration: Seven New Love Triangles

Posted by Shara

Twilight, one of the first major series in the modern YA scene is turning 10 this year --- can you believe it? To celebrate, you should definitely go back and read the epic trilogy that started the vampire craze; there will even be a special new edition (coming out tomorrow!) with bonus content.

Another way? Check out the blog post below, written by the talented team at BookSparks. If you’re yearning for more love triangles after revisiting Bella, Edward and Jacob, they offer seven other complicated romances that are sure to give you your fill.


Bella, Edward and Jacob set the standard for what a solid YA love triangle should look like. Two terribly attractive people in love with the same person, and then the drama ensues. It’s titillating and page-turning action we can’t seem to get enough of. So if you’re looking for more, these seven books are just waiting to make your heart burst with chivalrous princes, smart small town guys and a few bad-boys thrown in for good measure.

SHATTERED BLUE by Lauren Bird Horowitz

An unexpected romance with two beautiful Fae men --- what’s a girl to do? Sixteen-year-old Noa is studying at the Harlow Academy boarding school when she first meets Callum, a Fae banished from his home realm of Aurora to live in the world of humans, when she begins to fall for his mystery and intrigue. That is, until Noa meets his bad-boy brother Judah, the one who got Callum banished from Aurora and the one who is slowly moving in on Noa’s heart. So when Callum is taken, Noa must decide how much she is willing to risk to bring him back.

TRUEST by Jackie Lea Sommers

Westin Beck is in for a boring small-town summer, since her best friend is busy working as a camp counselor and her boyfriend Elliot is working 24/7 to save up for a car. Then Silas Hart and his family move to the neighborhood, and while Westin first sees Silas as an annoying inconvenience… he suddenly becomes a fun summer possibility. West and Silas develop a friendship that slowly starts to feel like something more, and in the midst of family drama and a heartbreaking secret, West has to choose between the guy whose stuck by her for two years and the practically perfect new guy on the block.

WENDY DARLING by Colleen Oakes

What begins as a dream romance doesn’t always end with a happily ever after. Before Peter Pan, there was another boy who stole Wendy Darling’s heart: Booth, the son of the neighborhood bookseller. But when the Darling children follow Peter out their nursery window and to the enchanting island of Neverland, Wendy is torn between the kind-hearted boy from back home and the charming, mysterious Peter. But Wendy’s memories of London and Booth slip away as Peter’s grip on her tightens, and the Darling children suspect that Neverland is more dangerous than they first thought. Then, when Wendy suddenly realizes she is afraid of the boy whose affections she once craved, she finds herself dreaming of Booth and the life they could have if only she can escape from the nightmarish Neverland.

ANOTHER DAY by David Leviathan
It’s a case of mistaken identity like you’ve never seen before. Rhiannon is stuck in an unhappy relationship with her high school boyfriend, Justin, until one perfect day when Justin really sees her. But it turns out it wasn’t Justin at all --- it was A, a boy who wakes up every day in a different body with no control over how or why he can’t seem to stay in one place. So when A wakes up as Justin one morning and falls in love with Justin’s girlfriend, it sets off a series of events that leaves Rhiannon confused and eager for another perfect day, if only she can find A again.

LAIR OF DREAMS: A Diviners Novel by Libba Bray
Love is in the air, and it’s complicating everything. As New York’s new it girl, everyone knows Evie O’Neill is a Diviner, but not everyone is happy about it… especially the other Diviners. As a mysterious sleeping sickness sweeps through the city, Evie’s life is continuously more complicated by her affections for both Sam and Jericho, and this second book in The Diviners series is sure to excite and entertain fans of Evie and friends as they navigate the supernatural in the roaring twenties.

SHADES OF DOON: A Doon Novel by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon
Who says the best stories have love triangles and not love squares? When Veronica and Mackenna are thrust out of Doon and into their old world --- our world --- alone and with no way of returning to their kingdom, the handsome MacCrae brothers come to their rescue. As Vee, Kenna, Jamie and Duncan struggle to make their way back to Doon, they prove that couples who battle for a magical realm together stay together. Readers will love this refreshing look at teen romance, friendship and loyalty in this action-packed and romantic third installment of the Doon series.

Lee is a practical, no-nonsense kind of girl and she’s keeping a secret --- Lee has the ability to sense gold in the earth around her. So, when miners strike gold in California, she heads west on the Oregon Trail to find her fortune and make a life for herself. On the long road to California, Lee begins a slow romance with a boy named Jefferson, but between Lee’s ambitions and the dangerous journey west, the odds against the young couple are fantastic and perilous. An incredibly detailed portrayal of Gold Rush era America with just a hint of the supernatural, fans of Rae Carson’s Girl of Fire and Thorns series are sure to love following this strong, spunky heroine down the Oregon Trail.