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October 17, 2016

Teenreads and New York Comic Con 2016, Part 1: Overview


Teenreads kicked off October in one of the best ways imaginable: heading to New York Comic Con, a celebration of all things bookish, nerdy and just plain awesome. Between editorial coordinator Rebecca Munro, interns Dana and Maya and reviewers Katherine and Matthew, we had a full team covering the panels, showroom floor and the whole atmosphere of the weekend. Read below for a quick overview of everyone's NYCC experience or click here for more in-depth coverage of the panels we all attended.

Question: How many times have you been to NYCC?

Dana Cuadrado: Twice!

Katherine Szabo: Five.

Matthew Burbridge: Six times.

Maya Gittelman: Twice now!

Rebecca Munro: Twice!

Q: What panel or event were you looking forward to the most?

Dana Cuadrado: I was most looking forward to anything that came out of "The Walking Dead" panel.

Katherine Szabo: Getting to play as many video game demos as possible and BookCon, of course.

Matthew Burbridge: The Marvel Iron Fist trailer.

Maya Gittelman: Seeing lots of "Steven Universe" cosplayers and the Whitewashed Out panel

Rebecca Munro: I was really looking forward to BookCon, especially the meetups with YA authors. I read THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES recently and loved it, so I was probably most looking forward to meeting the author, Mindy McGinnis.

Q: What were your favorite panels? You can name up to three.

Dana Cuadrado: Let’s Get Lost: Worldbuilding with YA and Middle Grade Authors, Epic Reads: Fantasy Frenzy Meet Up and Epic Reads: Just Thrillin’ Meet Up

Katherine Szabo: Villain Squad: Villains and Anti-Heroes in Literature, #WeAreComics: How Women Keep Changing The Game, Queer Enough? (LGBT+ comics panel)

Matthew Burbridge: I didn’t get to attend any panels because I was working the ComiXology booth.

Maya Gittelman: Only made it to the We Need Diverse Books: Whitewashed Out panel because I was working the B&N/Sterling booth, and the lines were so long!

Rebecca Munro: Although these aren't exactly panels, I LOVED the Epic Reads Meetups!

Q: What was the best costume you saw? You can name up to three, and it could be your own!

Dana Cuadrado: I saw a genderswapped Negan ("The Walking Dead"), posing with a Rick and Michonne cosplay acting out thand finale scene.

Katherine Szabo: D.Va and her mech from Overwatch.

Matthew Burbridge: William cosplay (Resident Evil 2), gender swap Mystique (X-Men)

Maya Gittelman: I make a mean Pearl from the "Steven Universe" episode “Mr. Greg”! Ended up belting a song from that episode in the middle of the floor with another Pearl. Also loved a "Steven Universe" Jasper mid-corruption, and a service puppy dressed as BB8.

Rebecca Munro: The only costume that made me laugh out loud was when I saw a guy dressed as a PokéStop. I also saw a huge, muscular guy dressed as Eleven from “Stranger Things,” and that was great.

Q: What was your best unexpected encounter with an author or fan?

Dana Cuadrado: I lover talking to other booknerds as I waited in various lines! My people!

Katherine Szabo: Met and hung out with Ashley Poston (GEEKERELLA) all day on Thursday!

Matthew Burbridge: Danced with writer Kieron Gillen (magnificent dancer) at the ComiXology after party.

Maya Gittelman: Not quite NYCC but a continuation --- I hosted Rebecca Sugar (creator of "Steven Universe" and "Adventure Time") Friday night, and she was every bit as inspiring, sweet and motivating as I could’ve hoped! Most of the crowd had come straight from NYCC, and it was just a great vibe. Also, my B&N boss and I glimpsed Brent Spiner (Data from "Star Trek") on the way to the bathroom at NYCC and snagged a pic.  

Rebecca Munro: I have two! First I was waiting in line for an Epic Reads meetup when I noticed that the girls behind me were reading an ARC of THE LAST OF AUGUST by Brittany Cavallaro --- aka, the sequel to A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE, one of my favorite books from this past winter. I asked how they got ARCs and they directed me to the right booth so I could snag one, too! Later that same day I went to a middle-grade panel with author Henry Neff. He wasn't unexpected, but what WAS unexpected was when he remembered me and my reviewer and made a point to say hi and chat after his panel was over.


Q: And, of course, the books! Tell us some of the books that you came away wanting to read. You can name up to three.

Dana Cuadrado: THE VALIANT by Lesley Livingston, BLOOD ROSE REBELLION by Rosalyn Eves, and ROSEBLOOD by A.G Howard

Katherine Szabo: THE IMMORTALS (Olympus Bound) by Jordanna Max Brodsky, ADULTING IS A MYTH by Sara Anderson

Matthew Burbridge: The new Timothy Zahn STARCRAFT novel out next month, GOD'S COUNTRY by Cates and Shaw out in January from Image Comics, and this one Tor book, THE FAMILY PLOT.

Maya Gittelman: As for me, I’m excited about the Welcome to Night Vale MOSTLY VOID, PARTIALLY STARS book, upcoming editions of the "Unbeatable Squirrel Girl," and, of course, upcoming "Steven Universe."

Rebecca Munro: THE LAST OF AUGUST by Brittany Cavallaro, duh!

Q: What’s your wildest memory of this weekend?

Dana Cuadrado: My chicken tender and french fries heaven.

Katherine Szabo: N/A.

Matthew Burbridge: My surprise birthday party Saturday night. All of my comic book loving friends were able to attend since we were all in town at the same time for once.

Maya Gittelman: People actually asking to take pics of me instead of the other way around. Also, the VR dome was suuuuper trippy.

Rebecca Munro: Attending the Image Comics afterparty, where I got to mingle with other publishing professionals covering the event.


Q: Any additional thoughts?

Dana Cuadrado: I had a lot of fun finding all of the free stuff.

Katherine Szabo: Even though NYCC is exhausting (so many people) I had a lot of fun this year.

Matthew Burbridge: Unless you have to be there all 4 days for work/reasons, 2 days is really enough for me. Lol But this year I had the most fun I’ve ever had.

Maya Gittelman: Hopefully next year I can just attend and not work! I wanted to see alllll the panels and things! But I loved it. And I second Rebecca’s deodorant comment. Wish everyone got that.

Rebecca Munro: I felt like I really knew my way around this year in a way that made it WAY more enjoyable. So if it was your first year and you're not sure how you're feeling, hang in there! It's really overwhelming your first time, but next time you'll be way more prepared.  And bring deodorant!