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The Hunger Games

As a teen librarian and die-hard fan of THE HUNGER GAMES, I am overjoyed at the attention spotlighting Suzanne Collins’ masterpiece series. Over the past 3 years, I have enjoyed spreading the love of this series and watching it gain momentum into a full-blown pop culture phenomenon. There is nothing like overhearing teens speak passionately and emphatically with one another about a book --- not a movie, significant other, band, magazine, or celebrity, but a book.
Some friends and I were just talking the other day about the upcoming movie adaptation of THE HUNGER GAMES.  They had all read the books and like me, were eagerly looking forward to the movie.  These were adult women reading what has been categorized as a “young adult” book.  Obviously, it’s not always easy to know how to determine an age range for a book—though it might  originally be written for teens or for adults, if something “catches” as they say—it’s popularity spreads across the age span.  This is definitely what has happened with Suzanne Collins’s trilogy.  Everyone seems to be reading it or wanting to read it.
THE HUNGER GAMES is a story of survival filled with action and the promise of excitement and intrigue. Already a wildly popular book, readers will tell you that what truly sets this series apart are the unique characters.
*Disclaimer* I am writing from halfway through MOCKINGJAY --- the final book in THE HUNGER GAMES Trilogy. Right now I am Team Gale. My friends have ordered me to finish the trilogy before I pick my team. However, for research purposes I am going to write down my opinions before I get to the moment where whatever happens --- according to aforementioned friend --- is Gale’s fault.
If you’re anywhere on a website these days, you’ve probably noticed the extensive coverage THE HUNGER GAMES has been getting. What’s confusing to me, though, is why these websites are comparing THE HUNGER GAMES series to TWILIGHT. If you want guys to jump on the bandwagon, then the last thing you want to do is stir up memories of vampires, werewolves, and a love triangle that puts most people to sleep. THE HUNGER GAMES is so much better than this --- and as a guy --- let me tell you why.
Okay, okay, so your average teenage girl isn't going to be asked to compete in a fight to the death, broadcast on national television. But given that high school life is full of constant challenges and competitions, perhaps Katniss can teach us all a little something about what it means to be a real-life heroine.
If you are anything like me, you have searched far and wide grasping for anything that brought you close to the feelings that were evoked when reading THE HUNGER GAMES. With the immense success of THE HUNGER GAMES, it seems that everywhere you look there are blurbs on YA books, “Look at me! This is the next HUNGER GAMES!” While Katniss and Suzanne Collins will always hold the number one spot in my heart, these future, twisted societies are all entirely different and equally fascinating to read…
The countdown is on! 20 days to the release of the film adaptation of THE HUNGER GAMES, and we at can't wait!