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Hey guys, so I decided this week that this whole book thing is pretty stupid. I mean, you spends hours, days, weeks, even, looking at a bunch of tiny words on a flimsy piece of paper (or eBook screens if you’re feeency) and putting them together to make some kind of meaning in your already overwhelmed brain. Frankly, I’d rather keep trying to beat the 114th level of Candy Crush, because let me tell you --- that’s some lasting sa-tis-faction.
As we shared with you in our New Releases Roundup Blog a few weeks back, Kristin Cashore recently published FIRE, the much-anticipated prequel to her debut novel, GRACELING. Though set in the same fantasy world as Cashore's previous book, FIRE takes place 30 years earlier, and introduces us to a 17-year-old heroine who will just about make you forget everything you thought you knew about "monsters."