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Ray Bradbury

Hey guys, so I decided this week that this whole book thing is pretty stupid. I mean, you spends hours, days, weeks, even, looking at a bunch of tiny words on a flimsy piece of paper (or eBook screens if you’re feeency) and putting them together to make some kind of meaning in your already overwhelmed brain. Frankly, I’d rather keep trying to beat the 114th level of Candy Crush, because let me tell you --- that’s some lasting sa-tis-faction.
As an honors and AP student in high school, I have been exposed to classics and have come to appreciate them. Classics often give you a different societal view and challenge you to think about life or the world around you. This promotes critical thinking, but also opens you up to some astonishing realizations, such as the fact that we still face problems such as discrimination or restrictive societal standards today. Not only that, but once you get used to the style, many classics are quite enjoyable!
In support of next week's release of the graphic novel adaptation of iconic, dystopian classic FAHRENHEIT 451, Ray Bradbury made an appearance at this year's Comic-Con, held last week in San Diego. In attendance was The Book Report Network co-founder and president, Carol Fitzgerald, and below, she recounts the experience of hearing this living legend speak about his seven decade-long writing career and lifelong affinity with illustrated books.