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Down the Rabbithole - 15 Books to Celebrate Alice in Wonderland's 150th Anniversary

When you say "ALICE IN WONDERLAND," you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who's not familiar with the very tardy rabbit, the ferocious Queen of Hearts and the ever-so-kooky Mad Hatter, who hosts a tea party Alice will never forget.

While we don't need an excuse to celebrate one of the hallmarks of children's literature, this year, we have more reason than ever --- ALICE IN WONDERLAND turned 150 years old! That's right --- Lewis Carroll wrote this adventure back in 1865.

To honor its anniversary, we made a bookshelf of tomes that are all about Alice. The top five give us some background on the topsy-turvy tale and its idiosyncratic author; you can learn who inspired various characters in ALICE IN WONDERLAND, read Carroll's most famous poems and see art spurred by Alice and co. The bottom ten share (mostly YA) books  that are somehow based on the famous story, whether it's the origin tale of the infamous villain or a reimagining where Alice is forced to fight the undead.

So fall down the rabbit hole --- I mean, into one of these books --- and remind yourself of the one-of-a-kind wonders of this off-the-wall classic.