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The More the Merrier: Anthology Bookshelf

"The More the Merrier" seems to capture the spirit of summer, doesn't it? You and your friends hanging out poolside, grilling burgers at a BBQ, playing frisbee in the is the season for group activities.

This line of thinking has invaded our literary proclivities, too...why read a book written by one author when you can read one written by 3, 7, 10 or even 20? Below, we rounded up 20 multi-author anthologies that range the entire spectrum from heartmelting romance to shake-in-your-sandals horror, some of them several years old, some of them brand new and some that are hitting the shelves in a couple of months!

Discover the topsy-turvy worlds of UNNATURAL CREATURES: STORIES SELECTED edited by Neil Gaiman or flash back in time with the harrowing poetry of ABOVE THE DREAMLESS DEAD: World War I in Poetry and Comics edited by Chris Duffy. Expect these tales to agree, conflict, and deviate from one another; with so many voices thrown in the mix, you’re guaranteed a wild ride.

Monsters and Fairy Tales: Anthologies with a Fantastical Flair


History and Current Events: Anthologies That Make You Think
Love is in the Air: Anthologies All About Romance
Miscellanious: Performing Arts, Horror and Everything in Between