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Jessi H.


Jessi H.

Teen Board Member

Moose Pass, Alaska

Hi! I'm Jessi, I'm 17-years-old, and I'm a senior in high school. I think young adult literature is incredibly valuable and ever since I was in elementary school, I have loved to read it. Besides reading, I enjoy volleyball, blogging and changing my nail polish color. I live in the big and cold state of Alaska! Outside of the United States, I've been to Canada and Costa Rica, but I hope to travel to more of the world someday. Until then, I will travel through books!

Top Five Favorite Books:
1. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
2. HOW TO MAKE A WISH by Ashley Herring Blake
3. THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas
4. WARCROSS by Marie Lu
5. QUEENS OF GEEK by Jen Wilde

Jessi H.

Reviews by Jessi H.

by Samira Ahmed - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Prejudice , Racism, Romance, Young Adult 13+

American-born 17-year-old Maya Aziz is torn between worlds. There’s the proper one her parents expect for their good Indian daughter: attending a college close to home and marrying a "suitable" Muslim boy. And then there is the world of her dreams: going to school in New York City --- and maybe pursuing a boy she’s known from afar since grade school. There’s also the real world. In the aftermath of a horrific crime perpetrated hundreds of miles away, the community she’s known since birth becomes unrecognizable; neighbors and classmates alike are consumed with fear, bigotry and hatred. Ultimately, Maya must find the strength within to determine where she truly belongs.

by Rebecca Podos - Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, Young Adult 14+

In Savannah Espinoza’s small New Mexico hometown, kids either flee after graduation or they’re trapped there forever. Vanni never planned to get stuck --- but that was before her father was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, leaving her and her mother to care for him. Now she doesn’t have much of a plan at all: living at home, working as a performing mermaid at a second-rate water park, distracting herself with one boy after another. That changes the day she meets Leigh. 

by Tillie Walden - Autobiography, Graphic Novel, Sports, Young Adult 12+

For 10 years, figure skating was Tillie Walden’s life. She woke before dawn for morning lessons, went straight to group practice after school and spent weekends competing at ice rinks across the state. But as she switched schools, got into art and fell in love with her first girlfriend, she began to question how the close-minded world of figure skating fit in with the rest of her life and whether all the work was worth it. The more Tillie thought about it, the more Tillie realized she’d outgrown her passion --- and she finally needed to find her own voice.