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Marco M.


Marco M.

Teen Board Member

Aurora, Oregon

I’m 16-years-old and a junior in high school. I like to spend my free time volunteering at my local library, writing and, of course, reading. My favorite books to read are sad contemporaries; especially when the main character is part of the LGBT+ community, has a mental illness and/or is a minority. I’m also a huge advocate for diverse books! If I had to choose a favorite movie I’ve ever watched it would have to be Coraline, though I still haven't gotten around to reading the book. You can often find me reading/volunteering in a library or in my bedroom watching BookTube videos.

Top Five Favorite Books:
1. MORE HAPPY THAN NOT by Adam Silvera
3. MORE THAN THIS by Patrick Ness
4. JACKABY by William Ritter

Marco M.

Reviews by Marco M.

by Mark Oshiro - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Mental Health, Social Issues, Young Adult 13+

Moss Jeffries is a considerate student, devoted son, loyal friend and affectionate boyfriend. But sometimes he wishes he could be someone who hadn’t become a rallying point for a community because of one horrible night. Moss can’t even escape at school --- he and his friends are subject to the lack of funds and crumbling infrastructure, as well as intimidation by the resource officer stationed in their halls. When tensions hit a fever pitch and tragedy strikes again, Moss must face a difficult choice: give in to fear and hate or realize that anger can actually be a gift.

by Renée Watson - African American Interest, Fiction, Prejudice , Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

Jade believes she must get out of her poor neighborhood if she's ever going to succeed. Her mother tells her to take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. And Jade has: every day she rides the bus away from her friends and to the private school where she feels like an outsider, but where she has plenty of opportunities. But some opportunities she doesn't really welcome, like an invitation to join Women to Women, a mentorship program for "at-risk" girls. Just because her mentor is black and graduated from the same high school doesn't mean she understands where Jade is coming from.

by Bryan Bliss - Contemporary Fiction, Family, Fiction, Friendship, Young Adult 13+

WE'LL FLY AWAY weaves together Luke and Toby’s senior year of high school with letters Luke writes to Toby later --- from death row. Best friends since childhood, Luke and Toby have dreamed of one thing: getting out of their dead-end town. Soon they finally will, riding the tails of Luke’s wrestling scholarship, never looking back. If they don’t drift apart first. If Toby’s abusive dad, or Luke’s unreliable mom or anything else their complicated lives throw at them doesn’t get in the way.

by Sarah Crossan - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Seventeen-year-old Joe hasn't seen his brother in 10 years. Ed didn’t walk out on the family, not exactly. It’s something more brutal. Ed is locked up --- on death row. Now his execution date has been set, and the clock is ticking. Joe is determined to spend those last weeks with his brother, no matter what other people think…and no matter whether Ed committed the crime. But did he? And does it matter, in the end? MOONRISE asks big questions: What value do you place on life? What can you forgive? And just how do you say goodbye?

by Matthew Laurence - Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology, Young Adult 13+

After Freya escapes from the Finemdi Corporation, her quest to defeat her enemy takes her to Hollywood. There she disguises herself once again as Sara Vanadi, now an up-and-coming star on a scandalous television series. Freya knows that today’s modern gods live on the screen, and she desperately needs strength from her believers. With sinister forces at her heels, an ancient enemy returned and a threat lurking in the shadows, Freya must walk a dangerous line between mortal and goddess. Because if she loses her humanity, who will save the world?

by Caleb Roehrig - Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult 13+

Rufus Holt is having the worst night of his life. It begins with the reappearance of his ex-boyfriend, Sebastian --- the guy who stomped his heart out like a spent cigarette. Then Rufus gets a call from his sister April, begging for help. He and Sebastian find her, drenched in blood and holding a knife beside the dead body of her boyfriend, Fox. April swears she didn’t kill Fox. Rufus knows her too well to believe she’s telling him the whole truth, but April has something he needs. Now, with no one to trust but his ex, Rufus has one night to clear his sister’s name...or die trying.

by Kelly Loy Gilbert - Family, Family Life, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Young Adult 13+

When Danny Cheng discovers a box in his father's closet filled with old letters and a file on a powerful Silicon Valley family, he realizes there's much more to his family's past than he ever imagined. Danny has been an artist for as long as he can remember and it seems his path is set, with a scholarship to RISD and his family's blessing to pursue the career he's always dreamed of. But when Danny uncovers a secret that disturbs the foundations of his family history, the carefully constructed facade his parents have maintained begins to crumble. With everything he loves in danger of being stripped away, Danny must face the ghosts of the past in order to build a future that belongs to him.

by Jay Coles - Fiction

When Marvin Johnson's twin, Tyler, goes to a party, Marvin decides to tag along to keep an eye on his brother. But what starts as harmless fun turns into a shooting, followed by a police raid. The next day, Tyler has gone missing, and it's up to Marvin to find him. But when Tyler is found dead, a video leaked online tells an even more chilling story: Tyler has been shot and killed by a police officer. Terrified as his mother unravels and mourning a brother who is now a hashtag, Marvin must learn what justice and freedom really mean.

Written by Laurie Halse Anderson and Illustrated by Emily Carroll - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Young Adult 13+

From the first moment of her freshman year at Merryweather High, Melinda is friendless --- an outcast --- because she busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, so now nobody will talk to her, let alone listen to her. Through her work on an art project, she is finally able to face what really happened that night: She was raped by an upperclassman, a guy who still attends Merryweather and is still a threat to her. With powerful illustrations by Emily Carroll, Laurie Halse Anderson's SPEAK: The Graphic Novel comes alive for new audiences and fans of the classic novel.

by Zac Brewer - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

Brooke Danvers just has to fake it long enough for her parents and teachers to let their guard down, so she can end her life without anyone to stop her. Then Brooke meets Derek, the only person who really gets what Brooke is going through. As they start spending more time together, Brooke suddenly finds herself having something to look forward to every day. But when Derek’s feelings for her intensify, Brooke is forced to accept that the same relationship that is bringing out the best in her might be bringing out the worst in Derek --- and that Derek at his worst could be capable of real darkness.