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Olivia W.


Olivia W.

Teen Board Member

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Hello there! I'm Olivia, I am 17-years-old and I obviously love to read. I've had an extreme love for reading for as long as I can remember. Just being in the presence of a book automatically brightens my mood! When I'm not reading I can usually be found re-watching some of my all-time favorite movies,(Dazed and Confused, Stuck in Love, Pump Up the Volume, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl...the list is seemingly endless --- like my TBR!), listening to music or begging someone to drive me 25 minutes into town just so I can have a milkshake. I'm so excited to be able to help contribute to Teenreads and hopefully write reviews that you will find both informative and fun!

Top Five Favorite Books:
2. ELEANOR & PARK by Rainbow Rowell
3. THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath
4. LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott

Olivia W.

Reviews by Olivia W.

by April Genevieve Tucholke - Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Young Adult 12+

Frey, Ovie, Juniper and Runa are the Boneless Mercies --- girls hired to kill quickly, quietly and mercifully. But Frey is weary of the death trade and, having been raised on the heroic sagas of her people, dreams of a bigger life. When she hears of an unstoppable monster ravaging a nearby town, Frey decides this is the Mercies' one chance out. The fame and fortune of bringing down such a beast would ensure a new future for all the Mercies. In fact, her actions may change the story arc of women everywhere.

by L. C. Rosen - Comedy, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Romance, Young Adult 14+
Jack has a lot of sex --- and he's not ashamed of it. While he's sometimes ostracized, and gossip constantly rages about his sex life, Jack always believes that "it could be worse." But then, the worse unexpectedly strikes: When Jack starts writing a teen sex advice column for an online site, he begins to receive creepy and threatening love letters that attempt to force Jack to curb his sexuality and personality. Now it's up to Jack and his best friends to uncover the stalker --- before their love becomes dangerous.
written by Nadya Okamoto with illustrations by Rebecca Elfast - Health, History, Inspirational, Nonfiction, Social Issues, Women's Studies, Women’s Issues, Young Adult 13+

Throughout history, periods have been hidden from the public. They’re taboo. They’re embarrassing. They’re gross. And due to a crumbling or nonexistent national sex ed program, they are misunderstood. Because of these stigmas, a status quo has been established to exclude people who menstruate from the seat at the decision-making table, creating discriminations like the tampon tax, medicines that favor male biology and more. PERIOD POWER aims to explain what menstruation is, shed light on the stigmas and resulting biases, and create a strategy to end the silence and prompt conversation about periods.

by Tyler James Smith - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult 13+

Moses and his cousin Charlie were best friends and unstoppable forces of teenage energy --- until the night they became accidental arsonists and set in motion a chain of events that left Moses alone, guilt-stricken and most likely trapped in his dead-end town. Then Moses gets a lucky break: the chance to volunteer as a camp counselor and prove that the incident should be expunged from his record. And since a criminal record and enrollment at Duke are mutually exclusive, he’s determined to get through his community service and get on with his life. But tragedy seems to follow him wherever he goes, and this time, it might just stop him in his tracks.

by Catherine Reef - Biography, History, Nonfiction

The story of FRANKENSTEIN’s creator is a strange, romantic and tragic one, as deeply compelling as the novel itself. Mary ran away to Lake Geneva with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley when she was just 16. It was there, during a cold and wet summer, that she first imagined her story about a mad scientist who brought a corpse back to life. Success soon followed for Mary, but also great tragedy and misfortune. Catherine Reef brings this passionate woman, brilliant writer and forgotten feminist into crisp focus, detailing a life that was remarkable both before and after the publication of her iconic masterpiece.

by Jimmy Cajoleas - Fiction, Friendship, Horror, Paranormal, Young Adult 13+

It wasn’t technically an exorcism, what they did to Clare. When the reverend and his son ripped her demon from her, they called it a “deliverance.” But they didn’t understand that Clare and her demon --- known simply as Her --- were like sisters. She comforted Clare, made her feel brave, helped to ease her loneliness. They were each other’s Only. Clare will do anything to get Her back, even if it means teaming up with the reverend’s son and scouring every inch of her small, Southern town for answers. But if she sacrifices everything to bring back her demon, what will be left of Clare?

by Kody Keplinger - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

It's been three years since the Virgil County High School Massacre. Three years since my best friend, Sarah, was killed in a bathroom stall during the mass shooting. Everyone knows Sarah's story --- that she died proclaiming her faith. But it's not true. I know because I was with her when she died. I didn't say anything then, and people got hurt because of it. Now Sarah's parents are publishing a book about her, so this might be my last chance to set the record straight...but I'm not the only survivor with a story to tell about what did --- and didn't --- happen that day.

by Hannah Witton - Relationships, Sex, Sexuality, Young Adult 17+

Nobody really has sex all figured out. So Hannah Witton wrote a book full of honest, hilarious (and sometimes awkward) anecdotes, confessions and revelations. Hannah talks about doing it safely. Doing it joyfully. Doing it when you're ready. Not doing it. Basically, doing it the way you want, when you want (if you want).

by Caroline Kaufman and Yelena Bryksenova - Poetry, Poetry Collection

In LIGHT FILTERS IN, Caroline Kaufman --- known as @poeticpoison --- does what she does best: reflects our own experiences back at us and makes us feel less alone, one exquisite and insightful piece at a time. She writes about giving up too much of yourself to someone else, not fitting in, endlessly Googling “how to be happy” and ultimately figuring out who you are.

by B. T. Gottfred - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Dating, Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Love & Romance, Romance, Young Adult 17+

Everyone assumes that Zee is a lesbian. Her classmates, her gym buddies, even her so-called best friend. Everyone assumes that Art is gay. They take one look at his nice clothes and his pretty face and think: well, obviously. But there’s more to Zee and Art than anyone realizes. What develops is a powerful connection between two people who are beautiful in all the ways they've been told are strange. As they explore their own complex relationships to gender, sexuality and identity, they fall for the complexities they find in each other.