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Archive - Teen Board Monthly Question

January Teen Board Question: Who Are You Most Thankful for (in a Literary Sense)?

January is National Thank You month! Therefore, we asked our Teen Board to tell us who they were most thankful for, in a literary sense. Answers range from moms who taught them to read to teachers who introduced them to the love of literature to authors who showed them the power of a good book. Read below, and get ready to feel warm and fuzzy!

December Teen Board Question: If you could invent a book-themed holiday, what would it be and how would you celebrate it?

If I could invent a book-themed holiday it would be National Faction Day in honor of the Divergent series. Everyone could celebrate by dressing in clothes according to their faction, eating Dauntless cake, and do activities with their factions. For example, Amity could have a campfire, Dauntless could go zip-lining, Abnegation could volunteer at local soup kitchens and Erudites could read! --- Kate F.