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January 2013

Books on Screen

January 2013

Glee star Chris Colfer's movie adaptation of his own book, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING: The Carson Phillips Journal, is out this month. Struck by Lightning is about a high school senior's desperate ploy to blackmail the popular kids into writing for his literary magazine. The CW spin-off of Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, is also out. This TV series is based on Candace Bushnell's THE CARRIE DIARIES.

Struck by Lightning
Cast: Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson and Christina Hendricks
Director: Brian Dannelly
Distributor: Tribeca Film
MPAA Rating: NR
Release Date: January 11th
Based On: STRUCK BY LIGHTNING: The Carson Phillips Journal by Chris Colfer

The Carrie Diaries
Cast: AnnaSophia Robb, Richard Kohnke and Adriana DeMeo
Director: Miguel Arteta
Distributor: CW Television Network
Series Premiere: January 14th
Based On: THE CARRIE DIARIES by Candace Bushnell