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Cool & New

Looking for a great new read? Every month, our Cool & New Books feature spotlights new titles that we think you'll want to explore. In addition to hardcovers, we include books that are newly released in paperback --- as either reprints of hardcovers or original paperbacks.

January 2017

This month's Cool & New roundup includes a lot of great series updates, including RAGING SEA by Michael Buckley, book two in the Undertow Trilogy, which is a post-apocalyptic series set in Brooklyn; Kami Garcia's AGENT CHAOS, an X-Files Origins novel which is based on the hit TV show and follows a young Fox Mulder after his sister has gone missing; and, lastly, THE DARK DAYS PACT by Alison Goodman, which picks up after the events of THE DARLK DAYS CLUB as Lady Helen learns to fight the Deceivers and struggles with her own past.

December 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup includes SPINDLE by E.K. Johnston, where a demon threatens to disrupt the peace with a magical curse binding princess and exiles; Ally Carter's TAKE THE KEY AND LOCK HER UP, where a web of lies forces Grace to fight for survival and find out the truth; and RED QUEEN: The Official Coloring Book, in which Victoria Aveyard's world comes to life and relives every adventure of the original book. 

November 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup includes many new and exciting books. First there's FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM:The Original Screenplay by J. K. Rowling which brings us back into the world of magic just in time for the movie release. The magic continues with Cassandra Clare's new release TALES FROM THE SHADOWHUNTER ACADEMY, which continues Simon Lewis' story after the events of CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE. Finally, an old favorite comes back in its 50th anniversary edition: THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton which contains new material that's perfect for all fans. The leaves may be changing color but we want you to "Stay golden."

October 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup really gets us in the Halloween mood with ROSE & THORN, where Rose needs to delay three curses she was born with --- which could lead to her freedom or cause her to face the curses that she had so desperately been trying to keep at bay; THE SINGING BONES, a new and dark look at the Brothers Grimm fairy tales that have taken the world by storm; and ILLUSION, where Barrie Watson must break the curse that puts her family in danger, all the while trying to survive the deadly maze of magic that comes with this quest.

September 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup includes OPERATION TENLEY, the first book in a new series from Jennifer Gooch Hummer in which a teen has the power to produce weather; PASADENA, award-winning author Sherri L. Smith's newest mystery where Jude has to find out the truth behind her best friend's death; and TALES OF THE PECULIAR by Ransom Riggs, a companion to the bestselling Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children series.

August 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup includes THE BEAUTY OF DARKNESS by Mary E. Pearson, the finale to her Remnant Chronicles series that provides readers with a dark and intriguing conclusion, and GHOSTLY ECHOES, the third installment in William Ritter's Jackaby series, which combines fantasy, folklore and mystery alongside good, hard detective work. Also included is SCAVENGER OF SOULS: Survival Colony 9, Book 2 by Joshua David Bellin, wherein the fight to save humanity continues as the colonists find another human compound that is less than welcoming.

July 2016

This month’s Cool & New roundup includes THE MERCILESS II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores by Danielle Vega, the intense sequel to the THE MERCILESS, in which Sofia strives to resist temptation at a Catholic boarding school; THE SHADOW HOUR by Melissa Grey, the sequel to THE GIRL AT MIDNIGHT, where Echo struggles to harness her true power without burning the world to ashes; and THE SIEGE by Mark Alpert, the second book in the The Six series, in which Adam finds himself searching for a traitor among his team while defending humanity from the ruthless Sigma.

June 2016

This month’s Cool and New roundup includes RELENTLESS by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs, the second book in The Hero Agenda series, in which a girl gets fed up with being betrayed and starts fighting back; ESCAPE FROM ASYLUM by Madeleine Roux, the frightening prequel to her bestselling Asylum series, that follows a teen attempting to escape from the psych ward he was wrongfully committed to before it's too late; and THE LONG GAME, the second book in Jennifer Lynn Barnes's Fixer series, in which a high school election and a terrorist attack reveals shocking secrets.

May 2016

This month’s Cool and New roundup includes EXILE FOR DREAMER by Kathleen Baldwin, the second book of the Stranje House series, in which a girl's gruesome dreams become her darkest reality; QUEEN OF HEARTS, Colleen Oakes's imaginative retelling of Alice's classic fall where a princess is pulled down the rabbit hole of an Wonderland she cannot escape; and INVISIBLE FAULT LINES by Kristen-Paige Madonia, in which a teen girl investigates the mysterious disappearance of her beloved father.