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August 2012

Cool & New

August 2012

August's roundup of Cool & New Books includes NEVERMORE, the final Maximum Ride novel that finds Max, Fang and Dylan involved in one last explosive adventure with an ending no one could have seen coming; EVERY DAY by David Levithan, a supernatural love story that poses the question: Can you love someone who is destined to change every day?; and RISE OF THE ELGEN, the second book in Richard Paul Evan’s Michael Vey series, in which Michael learns the extent of the Elgen’s rise in power and the truth of their plan to “restructure” the world.

Among the paperbacks releasing this month are THE GRAY WOLF THRONE, book three in Cinda Williams Chima's Seven Realms series, in which Han Alister makes the shocking discovery that the beautiful girl he knew as Rebecca is actually a blueblood; GOLIATH, the conclusion to Scott Westerfeld’s steampunk trilogy, Leviathan; and SHELTER, Harlan Coben’s young adult debut novel that introduces readers to Mickey Bolitar, whose new girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance reveals a conspiracy so deep and dark that his entire world is upended.

Angry Young Man by Chris Lynch -


Alexander, who wants to be called Xan, is a misfit. He’s an awkward loner who hasn’t been able to find his place in the world. Xan’s half-brother, Robert, seems exactly the opposite. When Robert suspects Xan is traveling down a dangerous path of extremism, he is determined to intervene before it’s too late.

Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman - Fiction


Rachel and Alice are an extremely rare kind of identical twins --- so identical that even their aunt and uncle can't tell them apart. When one experiences pain, the other exhibits the exact same signs of distress. So when one twin mysteriously disappears, the other immediately knows something is wrong --- especially when she starts experiencing serious physical traumas, despite the fact that nobody has touched her.

Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones - Fiction


Two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads --- and risk an unexpected connection --- in this heart-pounding thriller by Tim Wynne-Jones. Boy, did Blink get off on the wrong floor. All he wanted was to steal some breakfast for his empty belly, but instead he stumbled upon a fake kidnapping and a mobile phone dropped by an "abducted" CEO, giving Blink a link to his perfect blonde daughter.

Blood Crave by Jennifer Knight - Paranormal Romance


After surviving being kidnapped by a vampire, Faith would just love to focus on some alone time with her hot (though occasionally furry) boyfriend, Lucas. Unfortunately, with a vampire uprising on the horizon and her best friend, Derek, about to wake up and find himself transformed into a half-werewolf, half-vampire being without a beating heart, Faith has a few other things to take care of first.

A Certain October by Angela Johnson - Fiction


Scotty compares herself to tofu: no flavor unless you add something. And it’s true that Scotty’s friends, Misha and Falcone, and her brother, Keone, make life delicious. But when a terrible accident occurs, Scotty feels responsible for the loss of someone she hardly knew, and the world goes wrong.

The Cruisers #3: A Star Is Born by Walter Dean Myers - Fiction


The Cruiser, an alternative newspaper published by Zander and his crew of middle school misfits, is alive and well. And now there's plenty to report on when LaShonda, one of the Cruisers, steps into the spotlight with her costume designs for an upcoming play. LaShonda's designs get rave reviews, but she soon learns that show business is filled with challenges and choices.

Don't Turn Around by Michelle Gagnon - Thriller


Sixteen-year-old Noa has been a victim of the system ever since her parents died. Now living off the grid and trusting no one, she uses her computer-hacking skills to stay safely anonymous and alone. But when she wakes up on a table in an empty warehouse with an IV in her arm and no memory of how she got there, Noa starts to wish she had someone on her side.

Enclave by Ann Aguirre - Dystopian Fantasy


Deuce has achieved her dream of becoming a huntress for her enclave, which exists deep underground. This includes finding food and fighting horrible creatures called Freaks. When Deuce is partnered with the mysterious hunter Fade, she soon learns that the safety of the enclave may be in jeopardy.

Every Day by David Levithan - Romance


Every morning, A wakes in a different person’s body, a different person’s life. He lives by three rules: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere. That is, until he wakes up in Justin's body and meets Justin's girlfriend. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with --- day in, day out, day after day.

The Far West by Patricia C. Wrede - Historical Fantasy


As an unlucky 13th child who is also the seventh daughter in her family, life at the edge of the Great Barrier Spell is different from anyone else's that Eff knows. When the government forms an expedition to map the Far West, Eff has the opportunity to travel farther than anyone in the world. With Lan, her twin brother William, Professor Torgeson, Wash, and Professor Ochiba, Eff finds that nothing on the wild frontier is as they expected.

Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction Edited by Carrie Ryan - Fantasy


Have you ever been tempted to look into the future? To challenge predictions? To question fate? It's human nature to wonder about life's twists and turns. But is the future already written — or do you have the power to alter it? From fantastical prophecies to predictions of how the future will transpire, FORETOLD is a collection of stories about our universal fascination with life's unknowns and of what is yet to come.

Goliath by Scott Westerfeld - Historical Fantasy


The tension thickens as the Leviathan steams toward New York City with a homicidal lunatic on board. Secrets suddenly unravel, characters reappear, and nothing is at it seems in this conclusion to Scott Westerfeld’s trilogy.

The Gray Wolf Throne: A Seven Realms Novel, Book Three by Cinda Williams Chima - Fantasy


In this third installment of the Seven Realms series, readers experience spectacular entertainment as they consider many possibilities behind the intriguing mystery at the core of the story. An enthralling enigma surrounds a formidable magician and his distant ancestor, an ex-streetlord who has fallen in love with a princess heir.

The Invisible World by Suzanne Weyn - Historical Fantasy


Elsabeth James can hear people's thoughts and sometimes see what they see. When she sails with her sister, father and governess to America, however, she does not foresee that their ship will be wrecked in a storm. She washes up on a South Carolina plantation, where she falls in love with a boy she meets there and learns magic and healing from an unexpected source.

The Kill Order by James Dashner - Science Fiction/Adventure


Surviving the sun flares was easy for Mark and Trina compared to what came next. Now a disease of rage and lunacy races across the eastern United States, and there’s something suspicious about its origin. Worse yet, it’s mutating, and all evidence suggests that it will bring humanity to its knees. Mark and Trina are convinced there’s a way to save those left living from descending into madness. And they’re determined to find it --- if they can stay alive.

The Manual of Aeronautics: An Illustrated Guide to the Leviathan Series by Scott Westerfeld - Fiction

A lavishly illustrated, full-color companion to Scott Westerfeld’s New York Times bestselling Leviathan trilogy.

Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans - Science Fiction/Adventure


After narrowly escaping an Elgen trap, Ostin’s discovery of bizarre “rat fires” in South America leads his gang to the jungles of Peru, where the Electroclan meets new, powerful foes and faces their greatest challenge yet as Michael learns the extent of the Elgen’s rise in power --- and the truth of their plan to “restructure” the world.

Maximum Ride #8: Nevermore by James Patterson - Fantasy/Adventure


Are you ready for the final chapter of the Maximum Ride series? Are you ready for the ultimate flight? Because THIS IS IT. In NEVERMORE, James Patterson has given readers one last incredible, explosive adventure with an astonishing ending that no one could have seen coming.

Over You Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus - Romance


After the grand explosion of her relationship, 17-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible: get over him once and for all.

Plain Kate by Erin Bow -


Plain Kate lives in a world of superstitions and curses. So when her village falls on hard times, the townspeople look for someone to blame, and their eyes fall on Kate. Enter Linay, a stranger with a proposition: In exchange for her shadow, he'll give Kate the means to escape the town that seems set to burn her, and what's more, he'll grant her heart's wish.

Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy by Bil Wright - Fiction


Carlos Duarte knows that he's fabulous. He's got a better sense of style than half the fashionistas in New York City, and he can definitely apply makeup like nobody's business. He may only be in high school, but when he lands the job of his dreams --- makeup artist at the FeatureFace counter in Macy's --- he's sure that he's finally on his way to great things.

Rift: A Nightshade Novel by Andrea Cremer - Fiction


Sixteen-year-old Ember Morrow is promised to a group called Conatus after one of their healers saves her mother's life. Once she arrives, Ember finds joy in wielding swords, learning magic, and fighting the encroaching darkness loose in the world. She also finds herself falling in love with her mentor, the dashing, brooding, and powerful Barrow Hess.

The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore - Science Fiction/Adventure


THE RISE OF NINE is the third installment in the thrilling, action-packed Lorien Legacies series that launched with I AM NUMBER FOUR and THE POWER OF SIX. The stakes are higher than ever as John, Number Six and Number Seven desperately try to find the rest of the Lorien Nine before it’s too late.

Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel by Harlan Coben - Mystery

After witnessing his father’s death and sending his mom to rehab, Mickey Bolitar is forced to live with his estranged uncle and move to a new high school. Things start to improve when Mickey gets a new girlfriend, Ashley --- until she disappears. In search of Ashley, Mickey is lured into a seedy underworld that obscures his reality and calls into question everything he once knew.

The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmel - Juvenile Fiction


Sethie Weiss has managed to get down to 111 pounds and knows that with a little more hard work --- a few more meals skipped, a few more snacks vomited away --- she can force the number on the scale even lower. This is the portrayal of one girl's withdrawal, until she is sinking like a stone into her own illness. 

Such Wicked Intent: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, Book Two by Kenneth Oppel - Science Fiction/Thriller


After discovering a portal into the spirit world, 16-year-old Victor Frankenstein and his brother's betrothed, Elizabeth --- along with Victor’s twin, Konrad, and their friend Henry --- venture into a place of infinite possibilities where power and passion reign. But as they search for the knowledge to raise the dead, they unknowingly unlock a darkness from which they may never return.

Two or Three Things I Forgot to Tell You by Joyce Carol Oates - Fiction


Now in their senior year, Merissa and Nadia need Tink more than they ever did before. They each have secrets they could share with no one but her, secrets that have become toxic and that threaten to unravel their friendship --- and themselves. Tink also had a secret, a big one, but no one knows what it was. And now she's gone. But sometimes the girls feel Tink, trying to tell them something.

Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron by Jonathan Strahan - Fantasy


Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Diana Peterfreund, Margo Lanagan, Peter S. Beagle, and Garth Nix are just a few of the authors who have toiled over their cauldrons and conjured up bewitching new creations inspired by and celebrating the might and mystery of the witch. Assembled by one of the most well-regarded anthologists in the science fiction/fantasy world, this rich, intelligent collection will enchant readers of all ages.

Wake: A Watersong Novel by Amanda Hocking - Paranormal Romance/Fantasy


Gemma seems to have it all --- she’s carefree, pretty, and falling in love with Alex, the boy next door. He’s always been just a friend, but this summer they’ve taken their relationship to the next level, and now there’s no going back. Then one night, Gemma’s ordinary life changes forever. She is forced to choose between staying with those she loves --- or entering a new world brimming with dark hungers and unimaginable secrets.