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Early October 2016

Fashionable Fiction

Early October 2016

While attending New York Comic Con, Teenreads was totally wowed by the awesome costumes people put together. Sure there were tons of Batmen and Wonder Women and even some monsters, but the coolest outfits were the ones that were both wearable and totally nerdy. Inspired by these trendy nods to fiction, we created our newest feature, Fashionable Fiction, a collection of outfits based on new YA releases that both guys and girls can wear.

First, we decided to focus on THE LOVELY RECKLESS and HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE, both of which have guy narrators and protagonists. For THE LOVELY RECKLESS, we combined the cool, edgy attitude of Marco Leone with a little hometown sports fandom for a look that's super casual and still really cool. (Yes, we did have to look up Maryland's baseball team --- and we're still impressed that we got it right.)



Next, we looked at HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE, which stars effortlessly cool and funny Jack Masselin. Although the cover is a bit muted, it gave us plenty of room to create Jack's perfect "cool guy" look. Since he's super tech-savvy, we had to throw in the watch, which adds a touch of geekdom to his otherwise trendy ensemble.



Don't worry, ladies, we didn't forget about you! Our top choice for YA fashion inspiration this month is REPLICA by Lauren Oliver. With its double-sided cover and totally different protagonists, there's plenty of inspiration for any girl. Whether you're looking for something casual for school or something a little flashier, REPLICA is bursting with inspiration --- and butterflies.