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Late October 2016

Fashionable Fiction

Late October 2016

The weather may be cooling down but our fashion is hot and based off of some late October releases that we really enjoyed. Some outfits are perfect for a night out on the town while others allow you to kick it back and look fashionable walking down the school hallway.


First up is Bea from I'M NOT YOUR MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL. She rocks her math test and doesn't break a sweat in this fun outfit that boarders the line between nerdy and flirty.

Next up comes outfits for both boys and girls based on GEMINA. First we have Nik, whose all black outfit is great for blending into the night with his notorious crime family. It is quite easy to pull this outfit together and a pop of color to match the cover pulls the whole look together.

On to the girls! GEMINA has the perfect edgy but elegant look that all girls could easily pull off and channel their own Hanna. This black dress is extremely elegant while the necklace and lipstick give it a subtle edge all its own.

Now to Isaak from BOY ROBOT. Even government made robots like to be comfortable too! Which is why we put together an outfit that we think Isaak would love and would be perfect for your average day wear. Simple, but with a touch of twenty-first century technology that makes it modern.

And last but not least we have Nell from SPARE AND FOUND PARTS.  Nell tries to build a whole person who could love her mechanical heart but we loved building this heart based outfit that really represents her. Great for a night out, the theme of love really comes across in a new and edgy way by being paired with this blue and silver bag.