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The Crimson Shard

Feature and Contest

The Crimson Shard

During what seems like an ordinary museum visit, a tour guide lures Sunni and Blaise through a painted doorway, where they discover they’ve stepped into 18th-century London. When they realize their "tour guide" will do anything to learn what Sunni and Blaise know about magical paintings, they attempt to flee and encounter body snatchers, art thieves and forgers. Can they evade their captors and figure out how to get back home before it’s too late?

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The Crimson Shard
by Teresa Flavin


Beth from Liberty, IN
Carla from Wilmington, OH
Diane from Dover, NH
Hannah from Bend, OR
Hunter from Branford, CT
Jessenia from Paterson, NJ
Jessica from Pomona Park, FL
Jo from Phillips, WI
Kate from Peoria, IL
Marissa from Edgar, WI
Robert from Denham Springs, LA
Sara from Thomasville, GA
Sara from Frederick, MD
Theresa from Monticello, NY
Zaitoon from Scarborough, ON