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Authors Divulge Their Literary Crushes

Special Feature

Authors Divulge Their Literary Crushes

Does Alice Munro's storytelling prowess strike your fancy, as it does for Mariko Tamaki? Or can you not get enough of Rand al'Thor from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, like Joelle Charbennou? Read below to see the literary crushes --- both authors and characters --- from a wide range of your favorite authors, and you might even be inspired to find a new swoon-worthy read for Valentine's Day!

My biggest literary crush is without a doubt Lizzy Bennet from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.. She's clever, witty, stubborn and principled. She's a caring sister, patient daughter and has a sweet relationship with her father. For all his faults, I would enjoy having Mr. Bennett as a father-in-law and try not to snigger too loudly at his drolleries. Mrs. Bennet? Well, that would be another matter. Lizzy and I would go on long walks together in bracing weather, chat, laugh and not care about the mud. After all, “Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can.” ----Andi Watson, (PRINCESS DECOMPOSIA AND COUNT SPATULA

My biggest literary crush was, is, and always will be George Cooper, the hazel-eyed King of Thieves from Tamora Pierce's Lioness Quartet. Clever, witty, patient, loyal to everyone but the Crown and loves his mother --- best guy ever. --- Althea Kontis (DEAREST)

It's so hard to pick just one literary crush --- there are so many! Can I do my top three from last year? That would have to be Tarver from THESE BROKEN STARS (when he made an appearance in THIS SHATTERED WORLD, my heart literally skipped a beat. Oh how I love him!); Akiva from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series (a gorgeous angel who fell in love with his enemy and tried to remake his world with her? Oh my. Yes please.); and Josh from ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER (I devoured that book in one sitting. Honestly, I adore all of the boys that Stephanie Perkins writes!).--- Sara B. Larson (DEFY)

I'm not really sure if it's the Nellie Oleson of the old TV show or the one who killed me in ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK and LITTLE TOWN ON THE PRAIRIE, but, oh yeah, I loved Nellie Oleson, and I still do. Powerful, sharp-tongued women make me want to buy them Valentine's candy. --- Geoff Herbach (STUPID FAST, forthcoming GABE JOHNSON TAKES OVER)

Just like Katherine "Kit" Tyler, I fell hard for steadfast, seafaring Nate from THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND.  I love that he loves her strength, how important reading is to her and, most of all, that the two share a thirst for adventure.” --- Cynthia Leitich Smith (FERAL PRIDE

My biggest literary crush (and I'm sure he's a lot of peeps’) is Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series. He has to be about the most perfect male to ever have graced the page --- he’s strong, handsome and brave. He also loves his wife Claire the way every man should and treats her with respect, which is especially impressive considering some of the notions most 18th century males had about females. --- Alisha Sevigny (KISSING FROGS)

When I was a teen my biggest literary crush was Stephen King. I devoured all his books and lived for his letters to his "Constant Readers" which offered a peek into a writer's daily life, which I found very inspiring. Today my biggest literary crush is probably JK Rowling, not just for the books but for the way she lives her life as a mother, philanthropist and advocate. She also seems like she has a great sense of humor.” --- Melissa de la Cruz (The Blue Bloods series, THE RING AND THE CROWN and ISLE OF THE LOST)

Magnus Bane from Cassandra Clare's the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series: He's an immortal warlock who loves glitter, he throws birthday parties for his cat (Chairman Meow!) and movie-Magnus is played by Godfrey Gao. If that combination isn't crushworthy, I don't know what is. --- Sarah Cross (KILL ME SOFTLY and TEAR YOU APART).

Being the fickle author that I am, my literary crushes change quite often. Right now it’s Eio from ORIGIN by Jessica Khoury because who doesn’t love a Tarzan-esque jungle boy? --- Jessica Brody (The Unremembered Trilogy)

I read SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE roughly eight times in a row in anticipation of my AP English exam my junior year of high school, and came away with a somewhat explicable but extremely potent crush on Billy Pilgrim, its time-hopping protagonist, who in my head had the same hair/mustache as his author, Kurt Vonnegut. I was big into mustaches and time travel as a 16-year-old. --- Katie Coyle (VIVIAN APPLE AT THE END OF THE WORLD)

One of my first great literary crushes (and there have been many!) was Prince Caspian, from The Chronicles of Narnia ---everything he knew about the world and himself was flipped on its head, and he took on the challenge, leading a rebellion and becoming king. Also, he owned the Dawntreader, and I really wanted that ship. Ben Barnes's later casting in the role only confirmed my early good taste. But perhaps my all-time literary crush award goes to Will Stanton from THE DARK IS RISING by Susan Cooper, which I re-read every single year. Caught in a battle for the fate of the world that his loved ones will never learn about, Will's prepared to sacrifice everything, and goes about it with a stoic nobility. I can't resist. --- Amie Kaufman (THESE BROKEN STARS and THIS SHATTERED WORLD)

My first literary crush was Calvin O'Keefe from A WRINKLE IN TIME. As I got older I went more for the authors, especially the old scary ones --- Poe and Bradbury made me swoon. Weird, I know! --- Leigh Statham (THE PERILOUS JOURNEY OF THE NOT SO INNOCUOUS GIRL)

The two most important things for me in any relationship are loyalty and carbs. Since Peeta [from The Hunger Games] is one of the most devoted YA characters and can make a mean loaf of bread, he is obviously the man of my dreams! Swoon! --- Elizabeth Eulberg, (WE CAN WORK IT OUT)

My literary crush is hands-down the queen herself, J.K. Rowling. She's pretty much the Dumbledore to my Harry and my love for her is so ridiculous I have a Riddikulus! tattoo on my wrist. – Adam Silvera (MORE HAPPY THAN NOT)

I hope I can have crushes on two YA guys at the same time, because there's no way I can choose between Prince Po from GRACELING and Jonah Griggs from JELLICOE ROAD. Po is brave, funny and humble, and Jonah is pretty much the sweetest guy ever. --- Miranda Kenneally (BREATHE, ANNIE, BREATHE and forthcoming JESSE’S GIRL)

My love knows no bounds for Hergé, the creator of that intrepid reporter, Tintin.  Those oversized colorful tomes filled me with thoughts of travel, adventure, true friendship and kindness.  I spent hours pouring over the words and images that Hergé created, imagining myself a part of Tintin's merry crew. The books expanded my borders before I had even gone anywhere and made me want to know everything about this world and the people that live in it.  These books are still my faithful companions today.  --- Cecil Castellucci, the author of TIN STAR and STONE IN THE SKY

I'm still crushing on Nate Bouchet from Melissa Marr's YA contemporary thriller MADE FOR YOU. Tall, dark and dangerous, Nate helped make this amazing book one of my favorite reads of 2014! --- Suzanne Brockmann (NIGHT SKY and forthcoming WILD SKY)

When I was 11, it was Rhett Butler [from GONE WITH THE WIND]. Now it's probably Sirius Black [from Harry Potter]  ---  they're both emotionally unavailable, unapologetically mercenary but good at heart! And hot.” --- Jenny Han (TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE)

At 12: Sydney Carton from A TALE OF TWO CITIES, who may or may not have influenced the writing of CODE NAME VERITY


At 17: Rupert Brooke, the World War I poet, who was an improvement over all the others because I could collect photographs. Also, I WROTE HIM POEMS. "Here is a wound that time will never suture,/A gap the years will only make more vast,/For as I'm drawn by them into the future,/You will slip farther back into the past." --- Elizabeth Wein (CODE NAME VERITY, ROSE UNDER FIRE and BLACK DOVE, WHITE RAVEN)

My teenage-self adored Rand al'Thor from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series (and I still do!).  Sunny boy next door that transforms into a dark, brooding hero who stands up to world-ending danger? What more could a girl ask for? --- Joelle Charbonneau (The Testing trilogy)

I would have to say my literary crush is S.E. Hinton, the author of THE OUTSIDERS, my favorite book of all time.  She once responded to me on Twitter and I ran through the house screaming with excitement.  If I met her in person, I would probably cry.  And yes, I am aware of how fangirly and spastic I sound! --- Jennifer Mathieu (THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE and the forthcoming DEVOTED)

Even though he's way too young for me, I have a huge crush on Ed Kennedy, from Markus Zusak's I AM THE MESSENGER.  I wish every boy had a beautiful, sensitive heart like Ed's.” ---Jo Knowles (READ BETWEEN THE LINES)

As a teen, my lit crush was Wolf from TIGER EYES --- dreamy, mysterious and wise. And also apparently very, very hot. These days it's Nikolai Lantsov, the sassy, cunning prince of Ravka from Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy. I'd happily be his queen --- Melinda Salisbury (SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER)

As a teen, my heart belonged to Wesley from THE PRINCESS BRIDE (from both the movie and the book). In college, I had a mad crush on Ramses Emerson from the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters --- he's like Indiana Jones but younger, hotter and more self-sacrificing. As for more recently, I am not ashamed to admit that I will always be Team Jacob and Team Peeta.  --- Bree Despain (the Dark Divine series and the Into the Dark series, forthcoming THE ETERNITY KEY)

I was 14, reading the explosive part in JANE EYRE where Jane and Rochester declared their love in the midst of a verbal battle. My stomach fluttered, fingers gripped the pages, as for the first time, my imagination birthed the hope, and fear and wonder that I could find my own Rochester. And I thought: I’m never going to settle. Someday, I want a love as deep, and eternal and passionate as Jane’s. --- Julie Reece (THE ARTISANS)

My biggest literary crush has to be Kurt Vonnegut, that hilarious and heartwrenching and amazing author of all those twisted novels and short stories that I devoured throughout my adolescence --- and continue to devour, as he somehow seems to still be putting out work from beyond the grave. That frizzy-hair-and-mustache combo doesn't hurt, either. Sexy! --- Gina Damico (HELLHOLE)

My literary crush is now, and has always been, Gilbert Blythe from ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. He was the quintessential cool-guy-in-school who everyone wanted, but who was won over by the smart, spunky, freckle-faced orphan he called "Carrots." But the moment he really got me was when he gave up his posting at the Avonlea School so that Anne could teach there and stay close to home after Matthew dies. You've gotta love a guy who puts his true love's happiness ahead of his career. --- Kieran Scott (WHAT WAITS IN THE WOODS)

My literary crush has and will always be the dame Alice Munro.  She's been my one and only since I read WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, which is still my favorite title of all time. --- Mariko Tamaki (THIS ONE SUMMER)

I think Dickon from THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett was probably my earliest literary crush --- what's not to love about a boy who loves animals and has a yummy accent? But my biggest literary crush growing up was definitely the Wizard Howl, from HOWL’S MOVING 

CASTLE by Diana Wynne Jones. He has this irresistible combination of strength and vulnerability hiding behind the arrogance, and I loved seeing all those walls come tumbling down over the course of the book.--- Meagan Spooner (THESE BROKEN STARS and THIS SHATTERED WORLD)

I have such a thing for Marcus Flutie in Megan McCafferty’s SLOPPY FIRSTS ---  a book I first read when it came out and I was (cough cough) well, let’s just say a lot younger than I am now. Marcus is not at all the bad-boy stereotype, but he’s got a lot of that bad boy appeal. He’s a guy with a past, a guy with secrets, a guy with regrets.  But he’s also got a string of funny t-shirts and red dredlocks and he writes kinda dirty poetry and he’s cheeky and lovesick at the same time. Marcus isn’t a generalized fantasy boy --- he’s an odd and utterly specific human built of McCafferty’s words. I dare you not to fall in love with him. --- E. Lockhart (WE WERE LIARS)