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Beach Bag of Books 2016

Summer Beach Bag

Beach Bag of Books 2016

It's time to think about summer reading --- and we're not talking about the list of books you'll be receiving for Required Summer Reading from school. We're talking about the kinds of books that you're glad you now have time to kick back with and enjoy. The way we see it, it wouldn't be summer without sun, surf and great reading. You supply the beach chair, and we'll provide the fantastic fiction in our Tenth Annual Beach Bag of Books Feature and Contest. While the contest portion is now over, we encourage you to check out the featured titles. Scroll down to see if you were one of five lucky winners.

This year's featured titles include:

  • THE FINISHER by David Baldacci
  • FLYING by Carrie Jones
  • GOLDFISH by Nat Luurtsema
  • THE MEMORY BOOK by Lara Avery
  • STEEPLEJACK by A.J. Hartley
  • WOLF BY WOLF by Ryan Graudin


April from Chicago, IL
Cortney from East Aurora, NY
Cortni from Williamsburg, KY
Judy from Nampa, ID
Katrina from Lodi, CA
The Finisher by David Baldacci - Fiction

Nobody ever left the village of Wormwood before Quentin Herms vanishes. Vega Jane knows Quentin was chased, and he's left a dangerous trail of clues only she can decode. But just as deadly are the threats within Wormwood, a place built on lies, where influential people are willing to kill to keep secrets. Vega is determined to uncover the truth --- but the closer she gets, the more she risks her life.

Flying by Carrie Jones - Fiction

New York Times bestselling author Carrie Jones introduces sassy alien-hunting cheerleader Mana in FLYING, the launch of a sparkling new YA Science Fiction series. People have always treated seventeen-year-old Mana as someone in need of protection. She's used to being coddled, being an only child, but it's hard to imagine anything could ever happen in her small-town, normal life

Goldfish by Nat Luurtsema - Young Adult Fiction

Louise Brown dreams of qualifying for the Olympics. Her swimming times are well above her fellow swimmers. And then she fails miserably and doesn't really know who she is now. Her days at school are spent being ignored by her sister and teased by popular girls. Then Lou finds herself agreeing to coach three popular boys --- one of whom she clicks with --- who are training to compete as synchronized swimmers. Together the boys and Lou form a unique friendship (once they get past that whole ignoring-her-in-the-halls thing) and are hopeful that they can nab a chance at stardom.

The Memory Book by Lara Avery - Fiction

Sammie McCoy is a girl with a plan: graduate at the top of her class and get out of her small town as soon as possible. Nothing will stand in her way --- not even the rare genetic disorder the doctors say will slowly steal her memories and then her health. So the memory book is born: a journal written to Sammie’s future self, so she can remember everything from where she stashed her study guides to just how great it feels to have a best friend again. It’s where she’ll record every perfect detail of her first date with longtime-crush Stuart, and where she’ll admit how much she’s missed her childhood friend Cooper and the ridiculous lengths he will go to make her laugh.

Steeplejack by A.J. Hartley - Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Anglet Sutonga lives repairing the chimneys, towers and spires of the city of Bar-Selehm. When Ang is supposed to meet her new apprentice Berrit, she instead finds him dead. That same night, the Beacon, an invaluable historical icon, is stolen. The Beacon’s theft commands the headlines, yet no one seems to care about Berrit’s murder --- except for Josiah Willinghouse, an enigmatic young politician. When he offers her a job investigating his death, she plunges headlong into new and unexpected dangers.

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin - Fiction

The year is 1956, and the Axis powers of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan rule the world. To commemorate their Great Victory over Britain and Russia, Hitler and Emperor Hirohito host the Axis Tour: an annual motorcycle race across their conjoined continents. Yael, who escaped from a death camp, has one goal: Win the race and kill Hitler.