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December Teen Board Question: If you could invent a book-themed holiday, what would it be and how would you celebrate it?

Teen Board Monthly Question

December Teen Board Question: If you could invent a book-themed holiday, what would it be and how would you celebrate it?

If I could invent a book-themed holiday it would be National Faction Day in honor of the Divergent series. Everyone could celebrate by dressing in clothes according to their faction, eating Dauntless cake, and do activities with their factions. For example, Amity could have a campfire, Dauntless could go zip-lining, Abnegation could volunteer at local soup kitchens and Erudites could read! --- Kate F.

My holiday would be called Annual Detective Day, as influenced by the Sherlock Holmes books. On this day, everyone would investigate a problem in their community and solve it to their best of ability. At the end of the day, family and friends would gather at each other's homes and discuss the problems they faced and how they overcame them. --- Rachel D.

If I could invent a book-themed holiday, it would be National Reading Day.  Everyone would have the day off of work and school to read their favorite books or watch movies that were based on their favorite books.  Not only would it to be a very relaxing day, it would also be a great way to celebrate books and reading. --- Cheyenne C.

As much as I dislike the use of labels, I would consider myself a nerd. Keeping this in mind, it should be no surprise that the book I base my holiday upon is DIGITAL FORTRESS by Dan Brown, a book dealing with computers and coding and everything you can think of in between. The holidays could be a time when everyone comes together and learns how to create unbreakable passkeys so no one can break your code using the isotopic forms of Uranium (this reference makes more sense if you've read the book). There would also be the consumption of lots of food because food makes everything better. --- Pranshu A.

If I could invent a book-themed holiday, I'd establish National Quotable Dialogue Day. This (optional) holiday would obligate participants to speak in nothing but literary quotes for a full 24 hours. Though I'd encourage my fellow book-nerds to use as many iconic quotes as possible, more obscure snippets of dialogue would also be permitted, so long as the speaker could cite the book's title and author. National Quotable Dialogue Day would feature debates, stand-up comedy, poetry slams and even musicals, though the performers' vocabulary would be limited to --- you guessed it ---  literary quotes. While NQDD would doubtlessly result in some hilarious, or awkward, or hilariously awkward conversations, this holiday would hopefully help participants notice the similarites between their own lives and those of beloved (or perhaps not-so-beloved) book characters. Because once readers recognize these similarities, they might gain a new understanding of who they are and how they relate to the world around them --- and then use that understanding to change things for the better. --- Alison S.

My book-themed holiday would be National Women's Style Day based on Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton. In order to celebrate it, I would dress in my most "me" outfit that I have that I believe speaks to who I am the most. The purpose of this holiday is to celebrate individuality and the endless amounts of stylistic choices women are blessed with in order to be more themselves! --- Yaira M.

I'd invent Magical Realism Day, which would be a different holiday than Fantasy Day. It would still be filled with magic but with more subtle touches. Instead of avid readers dressing up as elves or wizards, they would dress up very much like themselves --- with a hint of magic. For example, a girl could have butterflies in her hair the whole day. Magical Realism is the extraordinary grounded in the ordinary. --- Cassandra H.

If I could invent a book-themed holiday, I would create New Novel November. Throughout the whole month of November everyone will explore new novels, genres, authors, publishers, reading formats and more! After a whole month of exploring unique and diverse novels, readers will enter December, the new year, and the rest of their lives with a new-found love for books of all shapes and sizes, plots and characters and much, much more. Perhaps on Thanksgiving, readers can exchange their favorite novels with people who typically read from different genres. This whole month is in an effort to open up horizons far and wide for all readers, and perhaps even find a new passion --- whether it be ebooks, up-and-coming author NoViolet Bulawayo, sci-fi rom-coms or the publisher Delacorte Press. The possibilities are endless! --- Sara J.

I would definitely like to see a dystopian book-themed day called Dystopian Day. I feel like more people should see the symbolism within the books and how it relates to our current world. Maybe it could be celebrated with a scavenger hunt! Just imagine that you wake to a text on your phone from Big Brother telling you somewhere to report, then you keep getting messages from fictional rebels (Tris, Katniss, Jonas, etc.) throughout the day to help bring down the corrupt governments through all kinds of activities. For instance, maybe you'd have to travel through "a fear landscape" to break into a secret headquarters or make a propo as the Mockingjay during a big paintball war between the rebels and the governments. I don't know about you, but that would be my new favorite holiday. --- Sydney L.
If I could create a book themed-holiday, I would create Wizarding Day, based off of the Harry Potter series.  This would be a holiday to celebrate the wizarding world. I would celebrate this day with magic, fun and friends, and would dress in my most wizardly outfit and celebrate! --- Aspen R.
My book-themed holiday would be National Villain Day. Each year on this day, the strongest and most passionate villains would be celebrated. For example, I would dress up like Voldemort and sing songs about his creativity and excitement. I would host a huge "death eaters"-themed feast for all of my friends and we would toast to the defeat of Harry Potter. The antagonists of novels do not get appreciated enough, so this day would be a celebration of them.--- Aliza M.
DEAR Day --- perhaps the highlight of my elementary-school years --- is to become a national holiday. For those of you sadly not acquainted with this fabulous idea, Drop Everything And Read Day is a day of books. Solely books. Now, I realize that 316 million Americans all huddled up in corners with books may not seem terribly festive, so there will be certain additions for those without such literary insight as to realize that DEAR Day ranks high on the list of the best things ever. First, the author of your favorite book will come to visit you. (Ask not about travel arrangements; just be glad that your tax dollars are going to such good uses! Maybe we'll extend this to DEAR month! Won't that be great for the economy?) Secondly, for those adventure-minded readers, there will be challenges to accomplish your character's favorite stunts. (This one might not be the best idea... and if your character is immortal, you cannot attempt his or her activities!) Thirdly, there will be localized groups where everyone comes together and shares out loud to their community and town how books have changed and touched and molded your lives --- how the beauty of another's life reached out through the ink and page and, irrevocably, met yours. --- Mary McC.