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February 2018, Part 2

Teen Board Monthly Question

February 2018, Part 2

Flowers, chocolates, romance novels --- February is in full swing and we’re in a lovey-dovey mood here at Teenreads. To get in the spirit of things, we asked our Teen Board members a few questions about book boyfriends, romance novels, and OTPs. First, we asked if they have a favorite book boyfriend or girlfriend --- AKA a character they would love to date, if only he or she was real?  We know not everyone is ready to bare their bookish crush to the world, so we also asked about a scene from a book that they feel would make the perfect dream date. Of course, for those members whom Cupid hasn’t quite struck yet this season, we asked them to tell us about their favorite romance novel and/or OTP -- One True Pairing --- and why it stands out. Read below for one half of their answers, and click here for the rest.

I don't read any romance novels much, and when I do, I usually read them for plot.
This one time I'm really not sure how to answer this question. However, I do enjoy seeing characters from my favorite novels find the ones that they love, like in Harry Potter or Divergent or Hunger Games. --- Jeremy H.

My favorite OTP would have to be Grace + Eva from HOW TO MAKE A WISH. Apart from the fact that they are just super cute and perfect together, HOW TO MAKE A WISH is just one of my favorite books ever, so everything about it is something I love! --- Jessi H.

My favorite book boyfriend would have to be Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Heroes of Olympus. He’s funny, heroic, brave, kind and overall a great guy. My only trouble with him being the perfect boyfriend is Annabeth, as they are definitely my OTP. Their friendship turned dating relationship was endearing and adorable, and I always love reading about them being together. Their banter is so funny, and the consistently protect each other through various battles, as well as being the perfect match. Besides them there’s countless other relationships I love like Tess and Will from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare and Aelin and Rowan in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. There’s so many, it’s hard to pick just one, but luckily, you can read all of these books so you don’t have to! --- Jessica K.

My book boyfriend is definitely Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games trilogy. Although the books came out years ago and I read them when I was younger, I will always wish I could date someone as brave and protective as Peeta. Even though he barely knew Katniss in the first book, his love for her grows. To this day, I still think the best moment of the entire trilogy is when Peeta volunteers to go into the Quarter Quell instead of Haymitch so that he can protect Katniss. The epilogue of the series, where Peeta and Katniss live happily ever after with their two children, still makes my heart melt! --- Juliette G.

I have a ridiculous amount of fictional boyfriends, but if I had to pick just one I would probably have to say Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices series. I fell in love with him from the moment I first picked up those books and he has forever ruined my standards for real life love. Black haired, blue eyed, sarcastic know-it-alls apparently hold the key to my heart. --- Katie T.

With February comes ruby red roses, chocolate, and lots 'n’ lots of love in the air and you know what that means, the mood for romance novels, something I am normally indulging in while devouring pounds of chocolates and swooning over fictional characters, especially my book boyfriends. My number one book boyfriend without a doubt is Prince Kai from Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicle. He is just everything I ever wanted and more in a companion, he is brave, loyal, compassionate and did I mention charming --- very charming. I just love him so much. So it may come as no surprise but my favorite OTP is actually Prince Kai and Cinder, they’re so perfect together, like talk about relationship goals. --- Laina Q.

Best Date Ever: exploring Hogwarts. Come on, flying brooms, gleaming, frozen-over lake, scenic surroundings covered in snow, great food and a castle with decades' worth of mysteries in it? You can't get better than that!  However, this whole perfect date at Hogwarts would only be perfect if we were students there too; personally I would feel to awkward as a tourist among students who actually lived at Hogwarts. And my favorite OTP is definitely Beatrice and Benedict from Shakespeare's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. They are both so witty --- their conversations and "language sparring" are the best --- that they perfectly complement each other. --- Lauren C.

So I’m going to combine my answer from the favorite date question and favorite romance novel. One of my favorite romantic novels is THANKS FOR THE TROUBLE by Tommy Wallach. The story starts with Parker, a teen who has had a family member die and who hasn’t spoken in 5 years; instead, he writes in a journal for communication. One day he’s in a hotel lobby and steals money from this girl, who happens to be beautiful. Then the girl takes his journal. Thirty minutes later, the two have struck a deal: he will help her spend all of the money and try to convince her not to commit suicide. Yes, sinister I know, but the day starts and the two tour the city (San Francisco). From old bookstores, museums and landmarks to karaoke and park benches, they start to fall in love on their all-day date. The book follows this story, and the ending is a bit tragic, but it’s all-together a great romance/adventure novel. --- Lillian B.

My book boyfriend would have to be Peter from the To All the Boys I've Loved Before trilogy by Jenny Han. He just seems very real and like someone I would actually date in real life. Plus, he's pretty cute. Also, these books are my favorite romance books. I love how the relationship grows and develops throughout the trilogy. If you are looking for a cute read this time of year, you should definitely check out TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE. --- Mackenzie P.

My favorite book boyfriend of all time has to be Gansey from The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater! Not only does he have the smarts, the charms and the looks, but he also has an amazingly dorky yet cute side to him that makes me absolutely swoon. Some honorable mentions for the award of my most dreamy book boyfriend have to go to Will and Jem from the Infernal Devices series as well as Hale from the Heist Society series. As for my favorite romance novel, ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins takes my top spot, because boarding school in Paris plus a very charming boy equals a book of literal dreams for me. --- Makayla H.

While I'm not someone who generally has crushes on book characters, there have been two characters who have stood out to me in the past couple of years.The first one is Dante Quintana from ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE by
Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Dante is one of the most adorable characters I've ever read about, and watching him handle his relationship with Ari made me fall head over heels for Dante. I loved his character so much and still wish he was real. My other bookish crush is Mateo Torrez from Adam Silvera's THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END. Mateo is so sweet, and I absolutely adored him throughout the novel. Character development makes me love characters more, and Mateo had a lot of that throughout the novel. As for an OTP, I don't really have one, which I never noticed until I took the time to think about this question. Though I do strongly ship the two main characters of THEY BOTH DIE IN THE END, so I'll go with them as my OTP. --- Marco M.

My book boyfriend is definitely William Herondale from The Infernal Devices series. We love a man who reads and has gorgeous blue eyes! Honestly, all the guys from Cassandra Clare’s books are marriage material. I highly recommend reading her novels if you love urban fantasy. Also, for a perfect dream date, I obviously choose adventuring on some mythical ocean. I’ve been really obsessed with fantasy novels about pirates recently. Lastly, my OTP is Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa from SIX OF CROWS. They never even kissed or were physically intimate, but their love was so breathtaking and beautiful! --- Melat E.

My favorite couples usually don't earn that title from doing sugary sweet things, though that is nice from time to time. Instead, couples can earn their spot on my highly selective list by their actual chemistry and by what their relationship means. Because of this, one of my favorite couples is Ramona and Freddie from Julie Murphy's RAMONA BLUE. Their relationship is just one that sticks out as there aren't many other books that have the same complexity as RAMONA BLUE. Ramona always identified as a lesbian but begins to question that once known certainty. There are hardly books with bisexual characters. There are even less that take you through that sometimes rough journey of self-discovery. For that, and Murphy's excellent portrayal, I find it impossible not to think of RAMONA BLUE as having one of my all time favorite couples. I don't just like them because of the portrayal of sexual identity; they have chemistry. Also, I admittedly am an absolute sucker for the whole childhood friends turned something more trope. Another reason why they're one of my favorites is their dialogue between each other. It's not all the overly gushy, cavity-inducing, sweet talk. They have actual conversations. Conversations that aren't just about them and their love for each other. They talk about real-world problems; they recognize that there is more to life than just themselves. I think that Freddie and Ramona are one of the more real-world couples, and for that, they hold a special place. --- Olivia W.

My book boyfriend is Lazo Strange from Laini Taylor's STRANGE THE DREAMER --- a reader's ideal boyfriend. A complete book nerd himself (yes, he broke his nose when a book fell on it), Lazlo, an orphan, has two great loves --- the library and Weep, an ancient city only known from legend. Throughout the novel, Lazlo demonstrates an endearing fascination with the unexplainable, a strong sense of morality, and a natural compassion for others. Not to spoil the later chapters of the book, but there's one particular scene later in the story that would make a great dream date (if you remember the wingsmiths, you'll know what I'm talking about). Finally, my favorite romance novel is still THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon, because I love the unique dynamic between Natasha and Daniel --- he is the more emotional and artistic of the two, while she favors rationality and science, and this difference creates a fascinating relationship between them. --- Rachel R.

I don't really have a book boyfriend because the characters typically belong together. My favorite OTPs are usually by Sarah J Maas like Feyre and Rhysand or Aelin and Rowan. Happy Valentine's Day! --- Rebecca D.

My favorite romance novel is THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING by Morgan Matson because rather than being impractical and overly sentimental, it is based on a realistic relationship. The two main characters, Andie and Clark, have a very unique bond and their relationship is low-key, as their most extravagant date consists of going on a scavenger hunt throughout their hometown. This relationship crafted by Matson stands out to me because both their family life and extracurriculars are also explored throughout the novel so that their relationship does not consume their every hour as it often does in YA novels. In the end, is it an aspirational snapshot of what teen romance can be, balancing life and a relationship. --- Ryan H.

I would definitely go with Levi from FANGIRL, and date activities can range from a normal Starbucks date to a cozy afternoon spent reading.  If we're allowing ourselves to be a bit more inventive then I would not mind going on space adventures with Captain Carswell Thorne aboard his spaceship all around the galaxy.  That's more like a honeymoon thing though, assuming the first date around the glamours of the moon.  But hey, if Rhysand comes knocking on my door offering to take me to Valeris, I'm not saying no. --- Sabina Z.

I have a ton of favorite book boyfriends, but I think my favorite has to be Prince Maxon from The Selection series. He's so sweet, especially to America, despite her rather horrible treatment of him throughout the series. To find a boy who's that loyal, despite all of America's flaws seems quite amazing to me. As far as bookish OTPs go, I have quite a few. I specifically love Katniss Everdeen and Peeta from The Hunger Games series, despite those who tend to like Katniss with Gale. I also love Ron and Hermione from The Harry Potter series. How can you not love Ron and Hermione? Their romance was a slow-burn and I loved it! They belong together!! --- Savana W.

Gosh this one is INSANELY unfair because there are way too many bookish bachelors out there in literature so here we go with my long list of dream guys. First up, I will always and forever include Darcy from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. He’s the actual definition of swoony and if I could find a guy like him in this day and age i’d be the luckiest girl alive. I also love Noah Shaw from THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER and also Cassian from A Court of Mist and Fury. Those are the ones I have the energy (and self-control) to type out, but just know there are many, many more!! --- Taylor F.

I am a huge fan of romance novels! As a result, I've come across quite a few heartachingly cute scenes that really stand out to me. However, one scene I keep remembering is from the anthology SUMMER DAYS AND SUMMER NIGHTS: TWELVE LOVE STORIES by Stephanie Perkins. There is one short story in this book called 'Last Night at the Cinegore," which is very cute to me. It is about a young man who is too shy to talk to his love interest, who he meets while working at a theatre that only shows horror movies. The romance is very quirky and very cute amidst a backdrop of shyness and well...horror films! --- Vaishnavi S.

My book crush has to be Victor Vale from VICIOUS. He’s broody and dark and the epitome of the antihero. While he doesn’t always make the best choices, he deals with the consequences. --- Wren L.