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January 2018, Part 2

Teen Board Monthly Question

January 2018, Part 2

New year, new books, same amazing Teen Board! To kick off the new year, we asked our Teen Board members about some of their read-solutions, whether they involve reading a certain number of books, finishing a series or trying out a new genre or author.  As a bonus, some members also shared the title of the first book they read this year.

My biggest hope with my reading in 2018 is to catch up with all the series I neglected in the craziness of 2017. This includes Cassandra Clare’s and Sarah J. Maas’ newest releases because I totally dropped the ball on the newest installments in their series. I would also love to start THE RAVEN CYCLE series this year. The first book I read in 2018 was LOVE AND FIRST SIGHT by Josh Sundquist and I actually got the chance to review it for Teenreads! --- Danielle F.

This year I would like to read at least 30 books and I would like to read more classics. I tend to primarily read YA books, so I would like to shake it up a bit. So far this year, I have read LET IT SNOW by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. --- Ashley D.

Since the new year is officially upon us, it calls for a time of fresh starts, the upcoming releases of highly anticipated books, and the need for creating read-solutions. I am striving to have the best reading year yet and by creating a list full of measurable goals, I feel like I might be able to do just that. In order to accomplish this, I have come up with some read-solutions, which include surpassing my previous reading goal by reading seventy-five books, finally aiming to finish the second installment in the SIX OF CROWS DUOLOGY by Leigh Bardugo, exploring more books in the historical fiction genre, participating more frequently in group book discussions as well as attending more local book events and programs. Hopefully, by following these set objectives, I will be able to have a spectacular reading year that I will always remember! --- Laina Q.

My big goal for 2018 is to read fifty books. I usually read around forty books a year, so this year I really want to push myself to read even more. Also, I want to read from a broader range of genres, such as nonfiction, sci-fi, and historical fiction. The first book I plan on finishing in 2018 is CALL ME BY YOUR NAME by Andre Aciman so I can watch the movie after reading the book. It is about two boys who develop feelings for each other while one of them is studying abroad for the summer at the other's house. --- Mackenzie P.

My main New Year’s read-solution in 2018 is to review every single book that I read this year. I’m always so thankful for all the amazing book reviewers out there, who supply me with a never-ending TBR list, and I would love to contribute back some of my own thoughts to the YA community as well. To start my new reading and reviewing year off, I plan to read TRULY DEVIOUS by Maureen Johnson, because a murder-mystery set in an exclusive preppy boarding school sounds like the perfect beginning to a new year. --- Makayla H.

This year my read-solution is to try to read more diverse literature. In 2017 I pushed myself towards I have noticed I trend towards young adult contemporary. I want for 2018 to be a year of exploring different genres and focuses and regions of stories to expand the kind of stories and characters I am exposed to. The first book I read this year was DARK PLACES, which took me into the world of adult pyschological mysteries and, well, very dark places. I look forward to continuously expanding my horizons with literature throughout this year! --- Anna Kate L.

A somewhat dreaded yet totally exciting readsolution is to finish the RED QUEEN series. I can't wait for the fourth and final (agh) installment of the series. I'm also planning on keeping up with the sequel of THREE DARK CROWNS and THE TRIALS OF APOLLO. Another readsolution is to finish THE GREAT GATSBY.  It feels like I've been reading that book forever! I don't usually keep track of the amount of books I read in a year so this year I'm working on jotting them down. I think about 30 books is reasonable since I don't have much free time anymore (sadly). I don't have any other readsolutions but it would be great to find the first GOSSIP GIRLbook and the first PRETTY LITTLE LIARS book. Reading the book is usually way better than watching the show or tv. --- Flor H.

My New Years read-solutions are to pick up more diverse books that have more representation. Because the books that I read sometimes are not diverse. And another one is that I want to read books that intimidate me. OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon is a book that I have been dying to pick up but it is really large and the pages are so thin and it intimidates me. So hopefully I can pick up larger books and step out of my comfort zone. And the first book that I am reading in 2018 is THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken. I have been meaning to pick up this series for a while and i am so happy i finally am. It is really fast paced and I am enjoying it a lot so far. --- Abigail D.

My main read-solution this year is to read more classic literature. I, of course, love the young adult genre. However, I've found myself wanting to take a step back from it. Everything I read is YA. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just want to read on a broader spectrum. I've always loved classics, I started reading some quite young, far before I was aware of the world of YA. In recent years, I have noticed myself with-holding from reading them. My main excuse being that they were old, they've been around for hundreds of years, YA is now and I have to keep up with it. This has been so much the case that often in situations where I am presented with the opportunity to either read a classic or read a newly published book retelling or sharing major themes with said classic, I would always choose the modern book. I genuinely believe that doing that has--- in some cases--- lessened the reading experience of the modern work. I want to be able to understand the nods to certain literary works. I want to feel the satisfaction of starting and finishing a book that has withheld the test of time --- what a magical feeling that is. So, my ideal goal would be that for every three modern young adult novels that I read, I will read one classic before allowing myself to read another contemporary. The first book I read this year was actually an accident. I was perusing my ever-growing stacks of books and one that I had acquired fairly recently just called to me. That book was FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury. I had already read the story, but I never cracked open this modern edition of it. I saw that Neil Gaiman had written an introduction to the book and I am someone who loves to read the introductions and forwards of books. I only meant to read the introduction, honest. But Gaiman's words moved me so much. I started reading and then I got into that classic reader mindset of "I must drop everything, finishing this book is my only priority". And that was such a wonderful feeling that I hadn't felt so intensely in so long. Definitely a great start to my new reading year, and hopefully the new year in general! --- Olivia W.

Some of my read-solution for 2018 are to read books that are about to come out from my favorite authors this year. I never really have a set number of books that I plan to read during the year, so I usually just read books as they come. In this coming year, I would like to branch out a little bit from my favorite authors and genres. The first book I have read to start 2018 is NEMESIS, by Anna Banks. --- Emily F.