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Teen Board Question - August 2017, Part 1

Teen Board Monthly Question

Teen Board Question - August 2017, Part 1

The September 2016 - August 2017 cycle of the Teen Board is officially wrapping it up, and we thought we'd take a moment to look back on all of the good times with this month's questions. Read below to find out what our Teen Board members enjoyed most about their time on the board, their favorite book of the year and what advice they have for members of the next group.

The best book I read during my time at Teenreads was Kiersten White's AND I DARKEN because it was the most original young adult book I have ever read. I had never heard of any book set in the Ottoman Empire before this one, and the setting combined with the fantastic character arcs left me craving the second book, which I also received through Teenreads. Honestly, I had been expecting a typical YA novel filled with humor, similar to White's past series, Paranormalcy, but instead I got an intense book about a sibling rivalry that I could not get enough of. Overall, I am so thankful for Teenreads because it introduced me to this phenomenal book, as well as so many others. For any new Teenreads members the only advice I have for you is to move outside of your comfort zone. If you don't tend to read anything except contemporaries, try to add some nonfiction or a mystery to your monthly list because you may just find your next favorite book. --- Harleen K.

The best book I read this year was hands down HOW TO MAKE A WISH by Ashley Herring Blake. This story was super hyped up in the book community so when I saw that it was a review option, I had to go for it! I definitely wasn’t let down because the story was so beautiful and one I couldn’t put down. My fellow teen board members are brilliant reviewers and a review that I loved was for THE CAREFUL UNDRESSING OF LOVE by Corey Ann Haydu. It was amazingly written and really convinced me to want to pick up the book! For new members of the Teen Board my only advice would be to just have fun. This is a great opportunity for teen book lovers like us to pick up new, exciting reads and the entire experience is truly a joyride! --- Taylor F.

I actually had amazing luck with the books I reviewed for Teenreads during this cycle. I really liked them all and had a fun time looking at them a little more critically to review them. If I had to pick a favorite though I would go with THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake! It was everything I could have wanted and more out of a fantasy book. Also the ending is amazing and has kept me on edge while I wait to read the sequel. My advice for the new Teen Board members is definitely to focus on time management! You need to find the perfect balance between your life, school and commitment to Teenreads. It's not a super crazy or difficult time commitment or anything, you just have to make sure you keep up to date with deadlines and reading your assigned book. I make sure I put all my Teenreads related dates on my calendar and that has been a huge help! --- Danielle F.

I have been exposed to sooo many incredible books during my time on the Teen Board that I would never have read otherwise. Teenreads in general really makes great recommendations that will go beyond the Best Sellers shelf at your local bookstore, and I think that's really special. Funny story actually, I was the Features section editor for my school newspaper last year, and I wanted to have more book reviews in our paper, so I used Teenreads to delegate books to review! One of my staffers ended up reviewing EAT THE SKY, DRINK THE OCEAN (which I don't believe ended up being reviewed, but was proposed for March). Reading this question, I immediately thought of THE KIDNEY HYPOTHETICAL. Its Goodreads rating is relatively low (3.4, why so low ?) and the author isn't exceptionally well-known, but it was such a lovely, light hearted novel that was so ridiculous in its premise that it was funny. I loved it so much that I gave my friend my ARC (who loved it so much that she kept it). Another favorite would be ROSIE GIRL, a recent release that completely captured me with its poignancy; the protagonist's voice was so typical, yet her story was just...unforeseen. I gave another friend my copy too (if you can't already tell, I give my friends my favorite books a lot, it's sort of an unconscious habit). And no favorites post would be complete without EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, which I talked about in the 20th anniversary post. Grace P.'s review of A GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE prompted me to add it to my TBR! There's been so much hype over that book that it's been hard to ignore, it's just a question of when I'll decide to sit down and read it. To all new Teen Board members: welcome to one of the coolest things that'll ever happen to you while you're in high school! Take advantage of every single opportunity you are given: go to local book events, interview authors, write a blog post. Something I wish I would've done earlier --- experiment with new authors and genres you wouldn't usually go for if you were out shopping at the bookstore, you probably won't regret it! --- Rachel D.

Although I've read a lot of fantastic books during this year's Teen Board, my favorite would have to be SPINDLE by E.K. Johnston because it was everything I look for in a book --- a mix of fantasy and romance that is written in a way that still allows me to connect with the characters. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from it as it sounded too similar to SLEEPING BEAUTY but the fact that it was still so different made me really enjoy the novel. --- Alyssa L.

The best book that I’ve read during this cycle of Teenreads had to be BAD ROMANCE by Heather Demetrios. Not only was this my favorite book that I’ve reviewed for Teenreads during the last year, but it is probably my favorite book that I’ve read in 2017. The journey that the protagonist takes the reader through is such a heartbreaking yet inspiring one and the writing was so powerful. I was anticipating the release before I got assigned it for Teenreads, but I definitely would not have read it for a long time if I didn’t have to review it. So in the end, I’m extremely glad I picked it as my book for the month! Some advice I have for the newest members of the Teen Board is to always look at the release dates of books before you request to review them. The time period around the release date is normally when the review is due, so if you are busy during the release date, odds are you would be stressed trying to get the review done in time. --- Brynn S.

My favorite book I reviewed was CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber. I fell in love with the magic in the world. It was such a beautiful world with rich details and a magical twist. I wanted to learn more about the competition. I was on the edge of my seat as I read CARAVAL. The twist at the end was very unexpected. I was surprised that VASSA IN THE NIGHT was so amazing. I did not expect a story about a girl fighting a witch in a convenience to be so riveting. I loved Vassa's sassy personality and determined attitude. It has been a great year of books! --- Wren L.

I have had the opportunity to read so many amazing books because of Teenreads! It was super hard to decide, but I think my favorite book that I reviewed for Teenreads is MY LADY JANE. It was a novel I was not sure what to expect from, and I requested it solely based on the hype around it. I was thrilled with the book, and I laughed at every page. I always read the Teenreads newsletter and read some of the reviews by my fellow board member, and that helps solidify my decision of whether I wanted to read a certain book. For new Teen Board members, I recommend getting outside of your comfort zone when requesting books for review. Teenreads gives you the opportunity to read countless books you probably never would have known about otherwise, and you gain so much by reading something you are not used to. Make sure you are truly interested in a book before you request it, and you must read all of your options. Every month I spend a few hours researching all of the books that are being released so I can make the best decisions for myself. I recommend seeing what is best for you and doing it every single month. --- Grace P.

The best book I read during my time on the 2016-2017 Teen Board was SMASH & GRAB by Amy Christine Parker, a story that revolves around two teens who break into a bank for their own gains. Lexi Scott seeks information that will save her father from a life in jail, while Christian must fulfill his duties as a gang member. The author later reveals that Christian is only trying to help his family survive. Though the story seems far-fetched, the romance that unfolds between the two protagonists keeps the story interesting, and the bank robbery kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading. Teenagers robbing banks may seem improbable, but these strong, colorful characters demonstrate ingenuity and resilience. Beneath their daring actions lies a sensitive story of poverty and privilege. --- Juliette G.

My favorite book that I reviewed this year is OPTIMISTS DIE FIRST. I was extremely intrigued by the title as it's fun. Also, it was a really good story that got me out of a reading slump in the time. I just really enjoyed the characters and the story, which is why it's my favorite book. A book I have been interested in most recently because of the review WESLEY JAMES RUINED MY LIFE. It looks really good and the review is good, so I would like to read it. --- Rebecca D.

The best book I read because of being on the Teen Board was EVER THE HUNTED by Erin Summerill. I always love fantasy series, and this one was phenomenal. The characters were great, the world was complex and overall I just loved it. What was best is I probably would never of read it if it wasn't for being on the Teen Board. So some advice for any newcomers: request books you wouldn't have read without being on the Teen Board. I've discovered so many books I would not have heard of without Teenreads, and I adored them all! When you go through the choices each month, I suggest adding books that sound interesting to your TBR list even if you don't end up reviewing it. Now that might make your TBR go on forever, but hey, it's better that way. --- Caitlyn K.

I feel so lucky to have found Teenreads and even more lucky to have been given the opportunity to become a member of their reviewers. It opened doors to genres I wouldn't have normally approached. I got to read novels by authors I probably would have never found, had it not been for Teenreads. One of my favorite books I picked up this year because of Teenreads was HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer, but that isn't really a surprise seeing as how I love her series, THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. What was a surprise was MIDNIGHT AT THE ELECTRIC, it was historical fiction, something I so rarely read outside of school. I certainly didn't expect to finish it as quickly as I did. It made me cry, and I can't imagine ever not having read it. Thank you Teenreads for giving me that opportunity. Some books' descriptions don't do them justice because a lot of the time they are way more than the few words put together to describe them. Sometimes those aren't the books that are getting all the hype that month and though they may seem like simple reads, they never turned out that way. It's always important to go into a story with an open mind because authors have a tendency to get you when you least expect it. --- Sabina Z.

My favorite book I've read during this cycle of the Teen Board is definitely HERE LIES DANIEL TATE by Cristin Terrill, which also takes the spot for my second favorite book of all time. Since my number one favorite book, TATTOO ATLAS by Tim Floreen, holds such a high ranking in my heart, I typically don't expect the books I read to impact me quite like that one did, but HERE LIES DANIEL TATE was such an incredible read that it's definitely up there on the same level. Each month when I'm reading through all the summaries of the books coming out that month and picking my top choices to review, I always add anything that looks interesting to my Goodreads TBR list, and then I can refer back to that list when I'm browsing Barnes & Noble or telling my mom what I want for my birthday. Lastly, my advice for the new members is to read your books as soon as they arrive, as I find it best to have it done quickly so that if you get busy all of a sudden, you'll have given yourself some time to get your review in! Enjoy your time on the Teen Board, it's a great experience with lots of great books! --- Maggie L.

I've really enjoyed a lot of the books I've read for Teenreads. All the way back in fall of 2015, I loved reading WINTER by Marissa Meyer. In 2016 I loved reading LADY MIDNIGHT by Cassandra Clare, OLIVIA DECODED by Vivi Barnes, and A MADNESS SO DISCREET by Mindy McGinnis. So far this year, I've really enjoyed reading SERIOUSLY SHIFTED by Tina Connolly, LONG WAY HOME by Katie McGarry, LIFEBLOOD by Gena Showalter, and FREEDOM'S SLAVE by Heather Demetrios! Basically, I've loved a lot of the books I've reviewed over the years! To incoming members, don't get behind on your reviews. I have a habit of not reviewing a book immediately after I finish it, which is not helpful. The sooner you review a book after you finish it, the easier it is to review! --- Isabel C.

Through this past year on the Teen Board, I have had the amazing opportunity to read so many fantastic novels that I probably never would have heard of. By far, my favorite book that I had the chance to review was FOLLOW ME BACK by A.V. Geiger, which was insanely suspenseful and shocking! Also, as an avid reader of reviews, I have discovered dozens of books through Teenreads, such as YOU DON’T KNOW MY NAME by Kristin Orlando and THE FORGETTING by Sharon Cameron, that have increased the size of my TBR list exponentially! I absolutely cannot wait to spend another fabulous year on the Teen Board and am so excited to welcome on the new Teen Board members. My one piece of advice to new members would be to completely open yourself up to reviewing books that you may not have normally read as you will definitely find some surprises and new favorites! --- Makayla H.

Being a Teen Board Member has been a really rewarding experience for me. I've read a lot of great novels and discovered hundreds of new books through Teenreads and Kidsreads that I don't think I would have found otherwise. But even more valuable than the expansion of my personal library and TBR, is the experience I've gained and the opportunities I've had that being a Teen Board Member has afforded me. It's been fun being on the Teen Board and even though my time on it is coming to an end, I'm saved from sadness by the knowledge that my time with Teenreads isn't ending but rather evolving, since as of September I will be reviewing as an adult. A couple things I would tell new Teen Board Members is first, make the most of your time at Teenreads. For instance if you're going to an author event make sure to tell Rebecca, as she'll more than likely be able to arrange for you to meet the author one on one. You might even be able to interview them for a blog post. And second PROOFREAD. I would HIGHLY recommend taking the time to polish everything you write for the site. Whether that means revising, rewriting or editing a bit more. I also suggest having a family member or friend read over your work if and when possible. I personally have found that other people often catch flaws that the writer might have missed, such as a confusing paragraph or an ill-fitting sentence. --- Rachel A.

The best book that I read during my time on the Teen Board has to be SOLDIER BOY by Keely Hutton in collaboration with Ricky Richard Anywar. This book was amazing and really helped me learn about a topic that I wasn’t too familiar with in a beautiful way. If it wasn’t for Teenreads I probably would never had found this book or read it.  For my advice to the new members, don’t be afraid to try books outside of your comfort zone. A book that you turn up your nose to as soon as you read the title or the first sentence of the summary could end of being your favorite book ever or a book that could change your life. --- Zoe I.