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Teen Board Question - February 2017, Part 2

Teen Board Monthly Question

Teen Board Question - February 2017, Part 2

Flowers, chocolates, romance novels --- February is in full swing and we’re in a lovey-dovey mood here at Teenreads. To get in the spirit of things, we asked our Teen Board members a few questions about book boyfriends, romance novels, and OTPs. First, we asked if they have a favorite book boyfriend or girlfriend --- AKA a character they would love to date, if only he or she was real?  We know not everyone is ready to bare their bookish crush to the world, so we also asked about a scene from a book that they feel would make the perfect dream date. Of course, for those members whom Cupid hasn’t quite struck yet this season, we asked them to tell us about their favorite romance novel and/or OTP -- One True Pairing --- and why it stands out.

When I was younger, I had the BIGGEST crush on Prince Ash from THE IRON KING by Julie Kagawa. He was just so broody and angsty and gave me unrealistic expectations of boys in high school, but he was perfect. My OTP would probably by Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, or any reincarnation of those two characters. This book was written more than 200 years ago but its theme is still so beautiful, timeless, and relevant that you just HAVE to love these characters. Ugh its so good. --- Zoe I.

I would have to say Graham Larkin from  THIS IS WHAT HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE by Jennifer E. Smith. I chose him mostly because he has a pet pig. Who wouldn't want to date someone with a pet pig who is also a heartthrob?? --- McKenzie S.

My book crush is without a doubt Prince (King?) Maven Calore of Norta! But Flor, Remember RED QUEEN? Of course I do! That's exactly why I like (love?) this guy! I totally fell for his mannerism and the fact that, no matter what, in his own way, he does (did?) care for Mare! Okay, so maybe I wouldn't date him if he was real...but I mean I definitely wouldn't mind if he was real (without the whole Silver v. Red blood thing). If I had to date somebody, it would be Percy Jackson (sorry Annabeth). --- Flor H.

This question is particularly challenging, as I am a firm believer that book boys are 10 times better than any of the real ones running around, so I had a tough time coming to a decision. Still, after much consideration, I decided if I were to choose a book character to date if they were real, it would have to be Will Herondale, from Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices. I’m sure I can’t be the only one coming to this conclusion, as Will is perfect from my point of view. Black hair, stunning blue eyes, tall, beautiful features, and a Shadowhunter *sighs dreamily.* Besides good looks, he loves to read, he will do anything for the people that he loves, and he’s absolutely hilarious. Sadly, he’s confined to the fictional realm, so I guess I’ll have to keep searching in the real world for a good alternative. --- Jessica K.

Some of my favorite book boyfriends include Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices, Dorian from Throne of Glass, and Hysan from Zodiac; however, my favorite book boyfriend definitely has to be Gansey from The Raven Cycle. He is such an eccentric and adorable character! As for my favorite OTP, Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses have to be my favorite couple of all time. They have the most perfect connection together and they are absolute goals. Oh, what I would do to be Feyre on the night of Starfall with Rhysand! --- Makayla H.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but I have a whole list of book boyfriends. I could go on and on about them, but the most recent crush I've developed is on Ashallyn' Darkmyr Tallyn from the book IRON KING series by Julie Kagawa. Although he isn't described in detail or anything, from the way he speaks and acts, he seems crush-worthy:) For example, when he says "I will always be your knight, Meghan Chase. And I swear, if there is a way for us to be together, I will find it. No matter how long it takes. If I have to chase your soul to the ends of eternity, I won't stop until I find you, I promise..." I swear I swooned at how romantic he could be. His words and actions are what makes him such a desirable character! --- Nikita V.

To be honest, there are a lot of fictional characters that I wouldn't mind dating. However, if I could only choose one character, I would definitely pick Julian Blackthorn from the DARK ARTIFICES series by Cassandra Clare. I feel that he has a great personality and I love how he takes such good care of the people he loves. Some of my other fictional boyfriends would include Magnus Damora from the FALLING KINGDOMS series and Dorian from the TOG series. My favorite OTP at the moment would definitely be Feyre and Rhysand from the ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas, because their relationship is so touching and beautiful,and I feel that they are perfect for each other. --- Kaleigh L.

My first book crush was Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare! Dark hair, blue eyes, and an accent...what could be better? Not only is he described as incredibly attractive, but he also has a great sense of humor! --- Kate F.

I used to ship Mare and Maven from the RED QUEEN series, but after reading the third installment in the series, I have been severely deterred from approving of any type of relationship between these two. I really honestly have never thought of book characters as more than they are--characters. It's hard to imagine a character that I feel like a book boyfriend I would love to have is Olly from EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. Even though Maddy is not a perfect character, and the relationship between Olly and Maddy is not perfect either, I really did fall in love with Olly's kindness and his relationship with Madeline. --- Rachel D.

I have a lot of fictional crushes...but my number one would have to be Prince Maxon Calix Schreave from The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. And I would't just date him, I'd marry him! I don't have favorite romance novel, seeing as it's my favorite genre and almost every book I own and/or read has at least some romantic element to it. Ummm... perfect bookish date? I don't really have one.  Yet again there's too many, but here are a couple that I love: The scene at the end of HOW TO KEEP A BOY FROM KISSING YOU by Tara Eglington, when the main character Aurora meets her secret admirer. It's so flippin' CUTE!  Another absolutely adorable one is from NORTHANGER ALIBI by Jenni James. It's when the protagonist and her date have their first kiss in a photo booth at the mall. As you might have surmised I like a lot of literary couples, but these are my top three in no particular order: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala from the Star Wars prequel trilogy and, finally, Prince Maxon Schreave and America Singer from The Selection series by Kiera Cass. --- Rachel A.

If I could date any character from a book, it would have to be Nathaniel from THE VESPERTINE. He is such a kind soul and THE VESPERTINE was the book that truly helped push me into the romance genre. --- Vaishnavi S.

Although I pretend I’m not, I’m pretty much a sucker for romance in YA, although I do appreciate a book without romance. Still, probably one of my favorite romance is between Daniel and Natasha in THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon. Now, honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of Natasha, but I loved Daniel. There’s two reasons to be exact, and both of them I think set an example for how anyone should act. First, even though he was always interested in Natasha, when she rejected him, he respected her decision, and didn’t push her to make a decision that he wanted. So many times, I see male characters basically hunting down their love interest, and I don’t think that’s okay in any way. Of course, Natasha and Daniel end up together, but their relationship is a 100% mutual decision. Second, Daniel showed his emotions. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he was so angry and sad that he was crying, or any other emotion. I was really impressed that he owned everything he was feeling, since society generally frowns upon men showing emotion. --- Reanna H.

My book boyfriend is Victor from the Ghost Bird series and let me tell you why. He is a famous concert pianist who wears his heart on his sleeve. His passion for the girl he loves is so sincere and beautiful. He would do any thing for her only if she asked. He offers to sweep Sang (the girl he loves) off to exotic places at the drop of a hat. I am absolutely helplessly in love with Victor and he is my soulmate. unfortunately though he is fictional. --- Carolyn C.

My book boyfriends are John Ambrose McClaren from the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han and Frank Porter from SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE by Morgan Matson. I am not into the bad boy type and that is frankly why I love these boys so much, not to mention the fact that they are very attractive, smart, nice and caring. They are just so perfect in every way and I just couldn’t help myself when I fell head over heels for them. --- Shannon C.

Ugh there are so many book characters that I love!! There's so many to choose from but my ideal book bf is definitely Ron Weasley, from HARRY POTTER. He's so sweet and caring, and since I relate to Hermione I think we would be great together. But don't get me wrong, I still ship Romione. And Hinny. And Scorbus. And the list goes on and on. My friends call me the “Ship Queen” and I always see the love between the characters. But I don't have an OTP, because how could I choose a favorite?! --- Rebecca N.

My favorite book boyfriend is Conrad Fischer from The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Although Conrad can be moody and secretive at times, his protectiveness and genuine love for Belly was absolutely adorable. My dream date also stems from the series, where Conrad takes Belly on a nighttime picnic, complete with watching the stars. --- Niraja S.