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ALLIED is the final book in the Ruined trilogy. The first two books are RUINED and AVENGED. The series follows Emelina Flores as she attempts to free her sister and save her people. The series is by author Amy Tintera. This is her second series. She first wrote the Reboot duology about teens coming back from the dead. There will be spoilers for previous books in this review.

ALLIED takes off not too long after AVENGED ended. Em is still confused, Cas is still trying to fix absolutely everything ever and Olivia is still crazy. Though after her upbringing and a year of torture, Olivia’s murder attitude isn’t much of a surprise.

Each book in the series adds more points of view. In ALLIED, along with Em, Cas and Olivia, we also get points of view from Aren, Irea and Galo. While all the plots were interesting to an extent, I really only cared about Em and Cas’s points of view. The story begins and ends with them.

"While as a whole the series falls flat, it does end strong, if a bit strung out....It’s nice to read a book where there are happy endings all around."

One this I liked about the book was the all the characters had flaws. Em and Cas are both incredibly indecisive. Olivia wants to murder everyone. This makes the characters feel a bit more human. There is fear and racism in this world, since the human population fear the Ruined due to their magical abilities. I would have liked to see this explored more beyond the “I hate them so let’s murder them” mindset. Another thing I like about the characters is the representation. There are both gay and bisexual main characters in this series, and they are treated like there is nothing different about them.

I feel like the world of ALLIED is very rich. There’s a lot there, but we didn’t get to see much of it. Something that I think would have helped with that was if the series had a map included. Instead, readers are left guessing as to the exact geography of this fantasy land. We know there are four countries: Ruina, Lera, Vallos and Olso. Ruina is nothing but dust, and we only really see it in book two. Almost all of the series takes place in Lera, your typical fantasy kingdom. We get glimpses of Olso in AVENGED and ALLIED, enough to say that it is an advanced kingdom with a crap monarch. We never see Vallos. This leads to an interesting but unexplored world.

Finishing this series is bittersweet for me. I read book one two years ago while out of the country and separated from my parents for the first time. RUINED will always hold a special place in my heart for that. That said, there’s nothing really extraordinary about this series. It’s good, it’s entertaining, but no magic pixie dust. There are books out there that make you say “everyone has to read this” but this isn’t one of them. My mom (who has also read the series) described it similarly.

I would recommend ALLIED to people who really like high fantasy. This isn’t a great introduction to the genre, as it doesn’t showcase all it can be, but it can be entertaining for people that like it. Fans of THRONE OF GLASS will like this series, especially the first book.

While as a whole the series falls flat, it does end strong, if a bit strung out. There’s no wishy-washy, "I’m not sure how this should end" shenanigans. It didn’t take many risks, but that was okay with me. It’s nice to read a book where there are happy endings all around.

Reviewed by Isabel C., Teen Board Member on July 10, 2018

by Amy Tintera