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Side by Side: Oracles

There are a lot of cool superpowers out there --- the ability to fly, to turn invisible, or --- my personal favorite --- to control time. This month, authors Kimberly Pauley and Aprilynne Pike each decided to focus on another fascinating skill --- the ability to see the future. In Kimberly’s ASK ME, Aria Morse is an oracle who must answer every question honestly, but her answers sound like nonsense, even to her. So when a close friend disappears, everyone has questions for Aria, and interpreting her “babble” becomes a matter of life or death. In Aprilynne’s SLEEP NO MORE, modern-day Oracles are forced to fight their visions and refrain from interfering. But when Charlotte Westing senses that one of her classmates is going to be killed, she has to decide whether to follow the rules or risk everything to stop the murderer.

Read below to learn about the inspiration behind Kimberly’s and Aprilynne’s books, what they learned about oracles in their research and, if their high school selves were oracles, what they would be most surprised by when looking at their current selves!