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Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy


Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy

Merrilee Campbell loves to read, and if she’s learned anything from the hundreds of books she’s read, it’s that book boys are better than real boys. Not that she would have much experience, as she’s only attended an all-girls school, but all that is about to change.

Merilee, her best friend, Eliza, and her sister, Rory, all transfer to Hero High Prep, the most prestigious high school around, with more boys than they know what to do with. Almost everywhere she turns there’s another boy who looks handsome enough to be Romeo, and when Monroe Stratford climbs up her balcony one night, it seems as if she’s actually found the real life Romeo. With his declarations of love and his romantic gestures, Merrilee feels like she’s in a dream, yet with the influence of her mysterious English teacher, everything she thought she knew begins to unravel. Everything seems to point to Romeo, the perfect guy, but sometimes, a girl has to find her own way.

"With hilarious moments, strong female characters and a heartwarming romance, BOOKISH BOYFRIENDS took my already-high expectations and twisted them around into something even more wonderful."

With hilarious moments, strong female characters and a heartwarming romance, BOOKISH BOYFRIENDS took my already-high expectations and twisted them around into something even more wonderful. When I initially started reading the book had trouble working through it, as the story revolves around a Romeo and Juliet-type romance. Merrilee seemed too airheaded and clueless to be real, and the character relationships appeared to be forced and unrealistic, yet as I continued reading, my beliefs were completely switched around. Merrilee’s character growth from being a clueless and romantic teen to a strong and confident female character was enthralling, and allowed me to fully understand why I initially perceived her in a negative light. A huge aspect of the novel that I loved was the focus on feminism. From Eliza, the best friend who consistently supports female empowerment to Merrilee, the romantic who maintains her unwillingness to allow anyone to walk over her due to her gender, in addition to the countless other strong female characters, each character showed that any type of girl can stand up for herself and be proud of who she is.

Beyond that, this book’s ability to make fun of traditional romances was a side I never expected, but consistently loved throughout the book. Romeo and Juliet always seems like a toxic relationship to me, yet Schmidt manages to throw in every possible joke of their romance throughout the novel. In addition, the constant references to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE were a great addition to the book, making it more relatable and even humorous. I ended up loving the different love interests in this book, finding each one unique and the perfect addition to make the book turn out as well as it did.

On a different note, Schmidt uses beautiful analogies, creating inner thought that is unique and humorous enough to match the mind of a teenager perfectly. It infused a new sense of life and originality to the novel, making me fall in love with the character and this world that she lived in. Despite how much I loved most of this writing, the dialogue sometimes seemed a little forced, and I had trouble making it seem real.

Overall, BOOKISH BOYFRIENDS is a beautiful combination of heartwarming romance and powerful characters, the perfect read to help make a day better. Any fans of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS or the classic PRIDE AND PREJUDICE need to check out Tiffany Schmidt’s new novel, because trust me, this novel is so much more than what any first impression can give.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on May 11, 2018

Bookish Boyfriends: A Date with Darcy
by Tiffany Schmidt