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Bring Me Their Hearts


Bring Me Their Hearts

Sara Wolf, author of LOVE ME NEVER, opens up an incredible new fantasy trilogy with BRING ME THEIR HEARTS.

For three years Zera has lived the life of a heartless: immortal, invulnerable and bound to the beck and call of Nightsinger, the witch who saved her life after the death of her family. She wants nothing more to regain her heart, allowing her to return to the freedom of her human life and escape from the hunger that she carries with her every day.

When Nightsinger offers an opportunity, Zera jumps at the chance. Her mission is straightforward: retrieve the heart of the human prince of Vetris, Lucien d’Malvane, and her own heart will be free. If she’s discovered to be heartless in this journey her heart will be shattered, ending her hopes of becoming human again. Despite the risks, Zera travels to the Welcoming, posing as another bride vying for the arrogant prince’s attention, but nothing goes according to plan. Adopting the life of a human girl brings her to close to the emotions she lost long ago, and Prince Lucien becomes a surprise in himself. As each day passes the ongoing question becomes harder and harder to answer: how will she regain her heart if the cost is the only humanity she has left?

"BRING ME THEIR HEARTS infuses humor, action and magic, creating a novel joining all the best parts of fantasy....It’s rare to find a novel with this amount of developed and relatable characters, yet Wolf manages it perfectly."

BRING ME THEIR HEARTS infuses humor, action and magic, creating a novel joining all the best parts of fantasy. Zera’s a witty and heart wrenching narrator, someone I loved from the beginning of the book to the end and everywhere in between. She has the humor that often drives contemporary novels, combined with the intense plot and magical world of fantasy, making a stunning and brilliant read. I found myself laughing out loud at one page before finding myself near tears on the next, torn between the constant flow of emotions the novel provides. In addition to Zera, Lucien’s heartwarming hope, Fione’s determination and love, Y’shennria’s snarky yet proud comments, and countless more characters helped drive this story. It’s rare to find a novel with this amount of developed and relatable characters, yet Wolf manages it perfectly.

In addition to the characters, the world of Vetris is unique and exciting, and I loved becoming a part of it. The feud between humans and witches mirrors hundreds before it, both fictional and in real life, yet the history of it appears new and exciting, and I loved learning each bit of information. Even the contrast between the spoiled nobles and the penniless common folk adds layers of intrigue onto the novel and its world.

More powerful than anything else, the writing of this novel consistently drew me in. Wolf’s talent for creating images from words that flow together like water itself displays carnage and beauty, heartbreak and love, each description filled with the life and intensity that can only be matched by physically being there yourself. I especially loved the perspective from the hunger, or the darkness in her created by being Heartless, as it serves as a constant reminder of the battle Zera fights every moment of every day. It gave realism and life to her struggles, causing me to consider myself which side of her I actually wanted to win in the end.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir or any high fantasy lovers must check out this book, as it stole my heart with no intentions of returning it. Even beginners to the world of fantasy can love the constant and hilarious humor present in this novel and must check it out, because BRING ME THEIR HEARTS will leave you changed for the better.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2018

Bring Me Their Hearts
by Sara Wolf