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Death Sworn


Death Sworn

Ileni is one of the most skilled and powerful of the Renegai sorcerers.  Unfortunately, she is slowly losing her magic. She manages to keep her dwindling powers a secret, but it becomes increasingly hard to do so, especially now that The Elders have sent her to an underground cavern to teach magic to a group of assassins in training.

Ileni has also been instructed to find out the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two teachers who preceded her. Ileni is certain that she will face death in the cavern, the only question being when and how. As Ileni strives to survive and complete her task, she finds a new and unexpected love, and together they uncover secrets far larger than they ever imagined.

DEATH SWORN introduced many meaningful themes…that got me thinking and asking questions I never considered before.

I loved this book for so many reasons. The setting was beautiful and caught my attention almost immediately. I also really liked the main character because unlike most heroines, she was intelligent and careful. She based most of her actions on logical decisions rather than emotions and gut instincts. Above all, I thought that the most remarkable aspect of the book was that it started off as just a fantasy story, but evolved into so much more. It introduced many meaningful themes like morality and the value of one’s life that got me thinking and asking questions I never considered before. This book is a captivating blend of mystery and fantasy and has just a touch of romance that will leave you wanting more.

Reviewed by Lynn W., Teen Board Member on March 5, 2014

Death Sworn
by Leah Cypess

  • Publication Date: March 4, 2014
  • Genres: Fantasy, Youth Fiction
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Greenwillow Books
  • ISBN-10: 0062221213
  • ISBN-13: 9780062221216