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Ever since Alice’s mom abandoned her and her dad 10 years ago, Alice has dreamed about Max. In her dream world, they go on adventures in the Amazon, dance in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or float in the clouds. Her dreams are perfect, and so is Max. The only problem is that Max isn't real. Alice realizes it is stupid to fall for a boy who only exists in her dreams, but it’s hard not to when he’s everything she could ever ask for, and she sees him almost every single night. But when Alice moves to Boston and walks into her first period class at a new school, there he is. Max suddenly is in her reality and apparently, has been real the entire time. The longer they spend time in the real world together, the more their dreams start to bleed into reality. Max and Alice are suddenly thrown into a race to fix their dreams before they can’t tell the difference between what is a dream and what is reality.

"One of the best things about [DREAMOLOGY] was the way it effortlessly balanced being a fun, cute and imaginative tale, while also driving home the serious danger of Alice and Max’s situation.

DREAMOLOGY was an enjoyable and quick read --- one of those books that just felt like it was giving me a warm hug while I was reading it. One of the best things about this book was the way it effortlessly balanced being a fun, cute and imaginative tale, while also driving home the serious danger of Alice and Max’s situation. Hearing about all of the adventures they had in their dreams was so whimsical and fun, making me wish I had dreams half as adventurous as theirs. The whole concept was unique and well-executed.

One of my favorite things about DREAMOLOGY was the characters. Each character was like a colorful portrait painted by the author and unforgettable. It’s a rare for me to like every single character in a book, but that’s how it was for me in DREAMOLOGY. There weren't any characters I hated or even just disliked. I loved Alice’s zany professor father, the charming and trouble-making Oliver, and I can’t forget Jerry, Alice’s dog. I could have read separate books about all of the secondary characters. Of course, I also loved Alice and Max, the main characters. Max was kind, loving and always there for his friends and family. Alice was a big dreamer and always imaginative, making her very relatable to me.

Alice and Max were really cute together, and I was rooting for them to work out the entire book. I love how much they both cared for each other and how much they both tried to make some relationship work between them. The scenes between just the two of them made my heart soar. At some points, I thought that some of the conflict between them was unneeded and it was too centered around their romance and not figuring out how to fix their dreams. But overall, the scenes centered around the two of them were the best ones for me. Their chemistry was easy to pick up on and well written.

DREAMOLOGY is the perfect book for anyone who finds themselves sometimes living in their imagination. It is an enchanting and whimsical story with lovable characters, along with a few facts about how brains and dreaming work here and there.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on April 11, 2016

by Lucy Keating