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Step into the world of EVERLESS, where time is extracted from blood and used as currency; where the rich steal time from the poor to live for centuries; and where secrets are as dark as the forest and deadly as the Gerling family. Jules and her father once lived in a royal estate, Everless, but a terrible occurrence caused them to flee. However, when Jules’ father is running out of time, she must return to make the time she does not have. But things are not what they seem, and even time seems to act strangely ever since her arrival. The secrets looming in the Everless causes more danger and temptation anyone has ever known. In Sara Holland's debut, nothing is safe from the hands of the greedy.

"EVERLESS is one elegantly crafted novel: with its mesmerizing prose and intricate world-building, you never want this deliciously dark book to end."

EVERLESS is one elegantly crafted novel: with its mesmerizing prose and intricate world-building, you never want this deliciously dark book to end. Like in the setting, time seems to stop when you turn each page. Its twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat and you never predict what was going to happen. Ever. You are transported into a kingdom where kindness is rare and brutality is expected — everything you would want in young adult fantasy. The fact that this is Sara Holland's first book is surprising to me: her writing is very talented and experienced and it looks like she set up the next book in her duology to be just as epic --- if not more --- as this first installment.

I cannot pick a favorite aspect of this book because one aspect couldn’t work without the other. The characters in Sempera,  the kingdom, were both original and crafted like old favorites. The setting transported me. The writing ties it all together. Even the cover is just gorgeous. To pick just one is to say that everything else didn’t live up to its expectations, and that is just not the case. Sara Holland's storytelling is just out of this world. Her descriptions and scenes are so vivid --- it’s almost as if she witnessed her own story herself.

Is there anything I would change? Actually yes: there is a certain character who meets an unfortunate fate. I’m bitter about it, okay? It was kind of uncalled for. I also think that Sara Holland should have included the ancient history a bit more: it was confusing at times to remember the origins of this fantasy world. And they visit this town where the time was all messed up — I wanted to see more of it! But these are all just personal opinions that did not affect my rating and overall enjoyment.

EVERLESS is a debut of the year that you do want to miss. With Holland's interesting world, complex characters and harshly beautiful depiction of royalty, how can you not fall in love?  Once you enter this story, prepare to be swept away — and don’t plan on returning to the real world for a long time.

Reviewed by Daniella R., Teen Board Member on January 29, 2018

by Sara Holland