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Eyes on Me


Eyes on Me

EYES ON ME by Rachel Harris is an adorable young adult novel about two teens from opposite worlds falling in love. Lily Bailey is what people would call a “nerd”. She’s invisible to her peers and it's by choice. She’s self-obsessed about being her high school’s valedictorian and is dedicated to attending Harvard just as her parents have before her. Her complete opposite is teen heartthrob Stone Torres. Stone is the quarterback of his high school’s football team and everyone knows and loves him. They are completely different people with seemingly nothing in common.


Lily Bailey, as the dedicated student that she is, spent her whole summer before senior year in advanced fast-moving college classes. However, despite being a dedicated and well-rounded student, she ended up taking on too much and becoming overly stressed. This causes a hospital scare as she is forced by her doctors to slow down. Lily has no plans to slow down. Her father, realizing that she will not slow down until forced makes an arrangement that she can continue with her vigorous class schedule if she takes Saturdays off and gets a hobby. The hobby Lily’s father has decided on is taking dance lessons, not just any dance lessons but salsa dance lessons. This is where Stone comes in.


Stone’s mom owns a local dance studio that is struggling to stay open and, as the momma’s boy that Stone is, he starts to help out. He meets Lily and becomes her dance partner. Lily’s father, seeing the chemistry between them offers to pay Stone to become Lily’s permanent partner as long as he keeps her participating in the dance classes. Stone begins to get close to Lily and through their increase of time together starts to notice the little things about her. Lily starts to realize that there is more to life than school and studying. However, Stone still has the arrangement between Lily’s dad and he has the cash to prove how very real it is. Lily and Stone’s relationship is built on fraud and it’s only an amount of time before Stone’s secret is revealed.


I loved Rachel Harris’ use of multiple points of views to express this teenage love story. We get to see both Lily and Stone’s perspective as they fall in love with each other. We were able to see the journey they each go through as they grow as individuals. I loved how they are so completely different with totally separate problems but are still able to relate and understand each other. I also adore Harris’ inclusion of Stone and Lily’s family and friends. I feel like most romance novels ignore life outside of the relationship, but in their different perspectives, we get to understand what else is happening outside of Stone and Lily’s relationship.


However, the way they fall in love is a little too cliche for me. I believe they fell in love a little too fast and a little too randomly. I absolutely adore romance novels, but this one fell a little short for me. I wish that the author built the suspense up more and worked on character development. I feel that the changes in the characters happened too suddenly. The novel is fairly long for a young adult romance novel and I felt like most of it was a reiteration of a previous scene or conversation. The novel was too much of a cliche for my taste and was nothing new from other romance novels.


I would definitely recommend this for younger teens, around middle school aged. If you're older and in high school or college, I do not feel that you would enjoy it as much as it is extraordinarily cliche. Younger teens would love this novel as it exhibits the ideal of love present in young teens.

Reviewed by Jordan B. on March 17, 2019

Eyes on Me
by Rachel Harris