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Lyla is surrounded by people who care about her. Her best friend, Marie. Her parents. Her Intended, Will. Even the rest of the Community and their leader, Pioneer. Pioneer told them that they had all been chosen to live and survive the soon-to-come end of the world. Lyla was taught that the only thing outside the walls of Mandrodage Meadows was evil. Everyone outside of her Community was ignorant of the end, ignoring the events of 9/11 and natural disasters, in favor of a more trivial and careless way of life. Pioneer even prepared them for the time when the foolish outsiders would be at their doors, ready to kill for the Community’s resources.
"Mysterious, entrancing and dark, GATED brings in just the right amount of paced storytelling with the edge-of-your-reading-seats sense of suspense."
Lyla and her fellow Community members would have to protect their right to survive, so Pioneer tells them, even if that meant pulling away from the rest of society and slowly making preparations. They would be safe. They would live together with the people they loved and start over after the evil of the world was washed away, all under Pioneer’s guidance.
So why, then, does Lyla still look beyond the gates to the sprawling world outside?
When the Community is paid a visit by the sheriff and his son, Cody, Lyla begins feeling a pull in her heart towards the handsome and mysterious Cody. Suddenly, her whole life is in question and her feelings are scattered. Will growing feelings for Cody prove fatal to her beloved community? Or will it be the light they’ve been looking for?
Mysterious, entrancing and dark, GATED brings in just the right amount of paced storytelling with the edge-of-your-reading-seats sense of suspense. Readers follow Lyla as she slowly uncovers the veil that has blinded her and those around her. Though it seemed to start slow, I found myself slowly begin to devour the words at a decent pace. I felt sympathy towards the protagonist, Lyla, and through the words of author, Amy Christine Parker, could understand her standpoint and feelings. Parker does a great job engrossing readers into Lyla’s mind such that one could sympathize with her. Though a significant portion of the story consisted of either background or a repeated summary of the beliefs of the Community, these some-what slow sections were necessary to really understand the mindset of the characters in the story. 
Overall, GATED by Amy Christine Parker is an interesting take on an almost-dystopia through the eyes of an innocent girl who simply wants to live her life. This book is filled with self-discovery, realizations and a touch of action to entice a variety of readers.

Reviewed by Ashley Tran on May 31, 2013

by Amy Christine Parker

  • Publication Date: May 27, 2014
  • Genres: Young Adult 14+
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Ember
  • ISBN-10: 0449816001
  • ISBN-13: 9780449816004