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Greek Gods #squadgoals (OMG Classics)


Greek Gods #squadgoals (OMG Classics)

Greek myths FTW (for the win)! In the past, author and editor Courtney Carbone has left her readers rolling on the ground laughing with her re-creations of classic novels, such as YOLO JULIET and MACBETH #KILLINGIT. In another addition to her series, OMG Classics, Courtney Carbone writes a hilarious must-have for all classic Greek mythology nerds, GREEK GODS.

Get ready to practice your texting lingo and test your Greek mythology knowledge! Written entirely in text messages, Carbone wittingly parodies Greek mythology with satirical writing, hashtags and emoji faces. Olympus comes to life online as gods “roast” each other from time to time with puns and gloating texts, heroes build their online presence for personal fame and the king-of-the-gods Zeus just cannot stop hitting on the ladies. To assist readers who might not be “in the know,” Carbone details an extensive list of characters from Gaia (Mama Earth) to the brawny (not brainy) giant twins Otis and Ephialtes. Each name is also accompanied with an emoji and a keyword description for a quick reference guide. Also, Carbone includes a short dictionary of texting jargon and definitions of emoji faces.

"Shortened into text messages for a fast and entertaining read, GREEK GODS has a light tone that stems from the casual nature of the novel.Carbone is an excellent comedic writer."

GREEK GODS is hilarious to read if you know the myths it relates to, but is still interesting and just as entertaining even without knowing most of the myths; Carbone provides enough background information to understand the inferences being made in the text messages. Most importantly, the reactions of the characters are integral to understanding the sarcastic jokes and storyline, as it is the nature of texts for ideas to be communicated in very few words (or pictures).

Shortened into text messages for a fast and entertaining read, GREEK GODS has a light tone that stems from the casual nature of the novel. Carbone takes the tragic and dramatic and turns it on its head, juxtaposing the typically horrific events of Greek mythology with emoji faces. Downplaying the tragedies by utilizing the inherent irony in Greek myths, Carbone is an excellent comedic writer. Petty gods, hubristic heroes and evilly-twisted plots are shown in a very modern style, and therefore, the actions of the characters are so outrageous when putting it in the context of the modern era, one just cannot help but laugh. Though GREEK GODS is not a thorough nor descriptive overview of classical Greek mythology, Carbone’s facts are accurate. Likewise, while it is not suggested that this novel be used as study guide material, Carbone does cover a variety of entertaining myths, such as the beginning of the world, the defeat of the Titans, the odd births of many gods, the tragedy of “Oedipus Rex” and the hero Perseus.

I would recommend GREEK GODS as well as the OMG Classics series to anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge of Greek mythology, to fans of Percy Jackson and The Olympians, literature nerds and to anyone who is looking for an easy laugh; I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. #squadgoals!

Reviewed by Lauren C., Teen Board Member on December 13, 2017

Greek Gods #squadgoals (OMG Classics)
by Courtney Carbone