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Hearts Made for Breaking


Hearts Made for Breaking

Jen Klein’s HEARTS MADE FOR BREAKING is a story about defying expectations and about how someone’s reputation does not define them. Lark has unofficially dated many guys. She reels them in, messes around with them for a few weeks, then makes up an excuse to get them to end things. Easy. No awkward “what are we” talks, no awful dramatic breakups. Lark is still friends with all of her exes and thinks that’s how it should be. Her best friends, Katie and Cooper, disagree. They dare Lark to try to have a relationship that actually matters, one that lasts long enough for Lark to actually care about the guy. There is one guy Lark might be interested in, and that’s the supposedly “Undateable” senior transfer Ardy Tate. Is he actually undateable? Can Lark get him to fall in love with her? Will Lark fall in love with him?


When I read the description for this book, I related to Lark about being friends with exes and wondered what it would be like to read a story about a similar situation. But instead, HEARTS MADE FOR BREAKING focused more on Lark’s story with Ardy and trying to win him over than it did on the bet. Her previous relationships were a main plot point, but they weren’t as developed as they could have been. Although Lark’s bet to fall in love with a guy is meant to be one of the main driving factors of the book, the plot would have progressed about the same without it. Overall the book was still very cute and I enjoyed it, but it was not what I expected from the description.


My biggest issue was forced representation. Cooper, one of Lark’s best friends, is gay with a loving boyfriend. Which is sweet, except that being gay seems to be Cooper’s only real personality trait. Cooper is the stereotypical flamboyant gay, and there are a lot of jokes made about his sexuality. Cooper is the epitome of the “Gay Best Friend” and I wish he had more character depth because he had a lot of potential.


Overall, I enjoyed HEARTS MADE FOR BREAKING. It was a cute story and easy to read. I could not put it down. HEARTS MADE FOR BREAKING is a good story for teenagers in the age of “just talking.” It reminds readers that love is not the same for everyone, and that love comes in many forms. Klein teaches readers that everyone deserves a chance and that rumors are often just rumors. HEARTS MADE FOR BREAKING is a good book for those who are unsure about their life and want to make a change.


As always, a disclaimer: lots of profanity, mentions of underage drinking and sex, and also implications of suicide and abusive relationships. Other than the profanity, these are minor but noteworthy in case they are potential triggers. Also note that most of the relationships in this story are not examples of something healthy and mutual, and should not be aspirational.

Reviewed by Becky N. on May 8, 2019

Hearts Made for Breaking
by Jen Klein